Géraldine Maillet: big debate with Raymond facing two restaurateurs in distress in TPMP

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On Touche pas à mon poste, the atmosphere seems tense between Géraldine Maillet and Raymond, enough to animate the debates.

  Géraldine Maillet: big debate with Raymond facing two restaurateurs in distress in TPMP

This Tuesday, January 3, seemed a busy day on the Touche set, not at my post. It turns out that between the words of Omar Sy in relation to the compassion for Eastern Europe and that for Africa, and the debates on the energy crisis, nothing is going well. If Cyril Hanouna is looking for “big mouths” in his team in order to leave room for many debates, it is a won bet . Between Matthieu Delormeau who criticizes the words of Omar Sy, and Géraldine Maillet and Raymond who got carried away the same day… There is an atmosphere on the set. We'll explaine everything here.

The anger of the restaurateurs

Faced with the difficult situation of restaurateurs in France, Cyril Hanouna has decided to let them speak on the set of his show. After the bakeries which testify to their difficulty in running their business, especially with rising prices . It remains the turn of restaurateurs to be forced to shut down because of the economy and prices. A situation for which Géraldine Maillet counts.

Indeed, with the current situation, energy prices have risen sharply. Fortunately for citizens, the government offers many aids. There are energy checks, exceptional ones, wood or even fuel. But also, the tariff shield which prevents price increases from exceeding 15%. But if this shield remains very appreciated, you should know that it does not apply to companies . Thus, bakeries, restaurants and other businesses do not seem to benefit.

And for the smallest of them, meeting such high bills starts to get difficult. So many restaurateurs are forced to close their businesses, an immense pain. To let them express themselves, Cyril Hanouna gave the floor to Stéphane Desprat, a restaurateur. The latter spoke of his electricity bill which increased by 1000%. A situation so strong that the latter had to close his restaurant . But faced with this news, Géraldine Maillet and Raymond did not really have the same reaction.

The clash between Géraldine Maillet and Raymond

This situation that the restaurateur was able to explain on the set of Do not touch My TV outraged many people. He was able to receive a lot of compassion. But for Raymond, it's more like anger. And he didn't mince words to let it be known. Indeed, the latter puts all the blame on the government. For him, if there are such price increases, it remains because of France's support for one of the parties in the conflict. . For the latter, supporting the oppressed is not a good thing if it impacts French citizens. A point of view that did not take long to annoy Géraldine Maillet.

Faced with such remarks, Géraldine Maillet clearly could not remain silent. She also wishes to point out to her colleague that even if France did not take sides, there would be repercussions . So, as long as you have some, you might as well help the oppressed. She even states about Raymond “ It's crazy what he says !”.

But this argument from Géraldine Maillet is clearly not enough to calm Raymond. The latter only sees his bills and thinks that if they increase, it remains because of the government which supports a party. But, the latter does not think about how things could be even if France did not participate . One thing remains certain, between Géraldine Maillet and Raymond, the tension seems to be at its height.

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