Géraldine Maillet: 'I find it upsetting' she attacks the Pellissards 'It's an absolute scandal'

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On the set of “Touche pas à mon poste”, Géraldine Maillet did not mince words about Amandine and her husband Alexandre Pellissard.

  Géraldine Maillet: 'I find it annoying' she s'en prend aux Pellissard "C'est un scandale absolu"

The last weeks of January, the Pellissard couple made the headlines . For good reason, many French people were shocked, including Géraldine Maillet, by the unexpected reconversion of these parents who made themselves known thanks to the TF1 program , “Large families: life in XXL”.

If their life is already in XXL, Amandine and Alexandre Pellissard probably wanted to know what it would give if we only kept the X. Yes, you will have understood it, the couple now markets adult content on the Internet. What is not to please Géraldine Maillet . The details.

The Pellissard couple converted into X

We can say that the Jeremstar report has had the effect of a small bomb on social networks . You should know that the Pellissard family took part in the program “Familles grandes” broadcast on TF1.

A program to which the parents of 9 children appeared for several seasons . However, in December 2022, the clan suddenly announces their departure. By way of justification, Amandine and Alexandre Pellissard talk about inadequate filming conditions .

Moreover, this is what would have led them to lodge a complaint against the production . According to their posts on Instagram. In effect, if fans of the show can no longer see them on the screen, they can follow them on social networks .

Recently, the most curious among them can even go much further! You should know that a few weeks after the announcement of their departure, Amandine Pellissard and her husband converted to X .

A shock report on the couple

Following this most unexpected announcement, videographer Jeremstar tried to get in touch with the Pellissard couple . Which was a success, because Amandine and Alexandre have agreed to say a little more about their decision .

The least we can say, it is that the blogger has been served . To the point of embarrassing him on several occasions. He was indeed able to attend behind the scenes of a naughty shoot… In short, without surprise, as soon as they were broadcast, pictures shocked .

Unsurprisingly, these last were broadcast and debated on the set of “TPMP” , Monday, January 30, 2023. Thus, the columnists each had their opinion on the matter. As always, there were pros and cons.

Moreover, Géraldine Maillet was one of those who were against – like a large part of the viewers following a survey. The columnist made it clear that adults can do whatever they want .

It is especially about the fate of the couple's children that she wondered. For her, these images do not pass . Géraldine Maillet did not fail to share son indignation with Cyril Hanouna and his band.

'We're having fun, but I want to cry,' he said.

This before continuing:

“It’s so gloomy, so sordid, so greatness and decadence (…) Forgive me, but I find it absolutely upsetting! »

Géraldine Maillet thinks of the children

In her remarks, Géraldine Maillet insists on the fact that she did not judge or question the intimacy of the couple. On the other hand, she does not endorse that we 'know them thanks to their children' .

'For me, it's non-assistance to anyone in danger and if we continue to publicize what is going to happen, maybe there are social services that will look into the case of these children and I find that that would be great! “, said Geraldine Maillet.

The columnist concluded with:

'It's an absolute scandal'

If Geraldine Maillet firmly believes in what she says , Léo Pellissard, the couple's son, contradicts her. Or at least, the boy has a completely different story.

“Nothing has changed”

Geraldine Maillet is not the only one to worry as to the possible harassment that the children of the Pellissards could suffer. Faced with these numerous criticisms from Internet users, the couple's eldest son has set the record straight .

'For all the people who say it's complicated for kids... I'm at an age where I could have been affected by harassment, not teasing... but there's none of that. We have to stop believing that they did this without telling us about it, ”said the 17-year-old teenager.

Before adding:

'No, I'm happy for my parents. The little ones live quietly as usual, nothing has changed. So we are fulfilled in our life. »

Did Géraldine Maillet hear this testimony? In any case, it is very clear!

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