Géraldine Maillet: The columnist should follow 'therapy' according to Amandine Pellissard

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On February 09, 2023, Amnadine Pellissard decided to settle accounts with Géraldine Maillet on the set of 'Gossip Room'. The details.

  Géraldine Maillet: The columnist should follow 'therapy' according to Amandine Pellissard

Many are those who were shocked by the retraining of Amandine Pellissard . During their appearance on the set of 'Touche pas à mon poste', the former candidates of 'Large Families' made people talk about them and even suffered a few salty remarks from some columnists. On February 09, 2023, for “Gossip Room”, Amandine Pellissard wanted to settle accounts with her columnists, especially with Géraldine Maillet.

Amandine Pellissard: a reconversion that makes people talk

The subject has been doing the rounds on social networks and television shows since the beginning of the year. In December 2022, Amandine Pellissard, former star of the program 'Large families: life in XXL' , made it known on her social networks that she was getting into porn.

With her spouse Alexandre, whom she calls Chabite, they offer intimate content on the Mym platform . This a new activity which earned him nearly 30,000 euros as she confided in an interview with Jeremstar. A shift that is not unanimous.

On the set of 'Touche pas à mon poste', many columnists had deplored the fact that it produced its content in the family home , especially on the sofa where the children play. This is the case of Géraldine Maillet, who did not hesitate to make your idea heard in front of Amandine Pellissard .

Amandine Pellissard's response to Géraldine Maillet

Amandine Pellissard and her husband Alexandre gave an interview again , this time to the Gossip Room media, this Thursday, February 9, 2023 to talk about their retraining in the X. By the way, the former candidate of Large Families: Life in XXL let it be known that she had just made a big decision that could make her detractors speak .

The mother of the family also took the opportunity to settle accounts with Géraldine Maillet . For Amandine Pellissard, the latter has gone too far.

“When I hear Géraldine Maillet in TPMP, who tells me that we had been criticized in the report we had shot with Jeremstar, that there were accessories in the trunk of the convertible sofa. You should know that it is completely locked. For one thing, kids can't open it. In addition, this is not where we store accessories in general. »

That's not all ! The mother accuses the journalist of demonize his private life .

'When I say that to Géraldine Maillet, she still finds a way to tell me that it's not normal to have a dildo here, a whip there. And why ? How many couples have sex toys? How many couples have accessories? There's nothing wrong with that. So yes, we still have an unbridled sexuality and we are absolutely not lost. I think our GPS is working well and we know where we're going. “, she said.

Géraldine Maillet, “a lesson giver”

Amandine Pellissard was not kind to the columnist of 'Don't touch my post'. Clearly reassembled, she launched:

“I think that Géraldine Maillet, like many lesson givers of her kind, should sweep in front of her door. We still feel that there is something very buried in her, very hateful ”

She then went on to say:

“I still feel a hatred towards women in general. We feel that she is immediately virulent with women as soon as we go a little off the beaten track and that we are not in boxes. So, I invite her instead to refocus on herself and perhaps go to therapy. It wouldn't hurt him. »

Amandine Pellissard's son responds to criticism

Amandine Pellissard was not the only one to make a rant at the columnists. On Tuesday, January 31, Leo returned to the X career of his parents on the set of TPMP . He delivered his opinion and took the opportunity to settle accounts with certain columnists.

Cyril Hanouna said to him “Did you, in your everyday life, change anything? '. To which the young man replied:

“Even if my parents are oriented towards other activities, they are happy to do what they do. I am happy for them. Afterwards, of course, I said to myself 'They're going to piss me off at school, maybe they'll make fun of me', no. I haven't noticed that, no, because after all, they are necessarily secure platforms. It’s made sure that it doesn’t leak everywhere either”

That is what is said!

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