Gérard Jugnot: the actor without filter on the 'small' retirement he touches

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On February 4, 2023, Gérard Jugnot was in 'We redo the TV', broadcast on RTL. He made a secret about his retirement.

  Gérard Jugnot: the actor without filter on the 'small' retirement he touches

Gerard Jugnot was asked about his role in the movie Alibi.com 2 by Philippe Lacheau in the show “On refait la télé” on RTL on Saturday February 4. During his visit, the actor also confided in his retirement , while the reform carried out by the government has caused a lot of ink to flow in recent weeks. Find out all the details in this article.

Gérard Jugnot: “I am not concerned”

As a reminder, the film Alibi.com 2 will be released in cinemas next Wednesday, February 08, 2023. Good news for fans of the actor and the feature film. A few days before this date, the actor, Gérard Jugnot agreed to be interviewed on the program “On refait la télé” .

Gérard Jugnot first talked about the film before focusing on another subject: retirement. Indeed, on the set of the show, radio host Éric Dussart also took the opportunity to ask the 71-year-old comedian what was his opinion on the protest movement concerning the much criticized pension reform , supported by the government.

The principal concerned confessed frankly:

'I'm not concerned, but I can understand that someone who does a difficult job wants to stop. »

Patricia Campi's husband, meanwhile, revealed to our investigators that he does not intend to end his career anytime soon , unlike many French people.

'Yes, I'll have to be arrested', he admitted with amusement, while specifying that in his eyes, 'in professions of passion, retirement corresponds to retirement from Russia, to the debacle '.

Gérard Jugnot nevertheless confided not understanding “the story of 64 years” , that is to say the legal retirement age which could soon be set according to the ambitions of the government.

Gérard Jugnot: a small retreat

The comedian didn't stop there . He also confessed, saying:

'I think what's important are the quarters contributed... That's what I don't quite understand'

Gerard Jugnot then talked about his own retirement pension . On this subject, Éric Dussart's guest said:

“Me, I touch it, my retirement. A small retreat compared to what I gave…”

Seriously, the actor referred to those he calls “the persistent ones” , of which it is a part:

“These are the people who continue to work after retirement. Often, it's because people have to... But everything we contribute is no longer for us, it's for others'

When Éric Dussart points out to him that he is therefore 'a great contributor' , the filmmaker answers in the affirmative.

Alibi.com 2 : sortie date

Given the success of the first part of the film Alibi.com, a sequel was soon announced . It is still worn by Philippe Lacheau, Elodie Fontan, Tarek Boudali, Julien Arruti, Didier Bourdon and Nathalie Baye. These latter will be joined by Gérard Jugnot , Arielle Dombasle, Alexandra Lamy and Gad Elmaleh in yet undetermined roles.

The filming of this second opus has already started in the Paris region for a theatrical release scheduled for February 8, 2023 , 6 years after the release of the first film. In Alibi.com 2, Greg shut down his agency and promised Flo never to lie to her again. He finds his new life too quiet. But not for long ! When he decides to propose to Flo in marriage, Greg is up against the wall and must present his family .

But with her crook dad and ex-glam actress mom, it could ruin his future union . Suddenly, he has no choice but to reopen his agency with his former accomplices for one last Alibi and find more presentable false parents...

A synopsis that promises to delight fans of the actor, who are already looking forward to discovering this sequel. For now, they will have to be patient.

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