Gérard Piqué: he responds to Shakira's tackle in an ironic way

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Between Gérard Piqué and Shakira, the towel burns. Violently clashed by his ex in song, the footballer answers him with irony.

  Gérard Piqué: he responds to Shakira's tackle in an ironic way

Both real stars in their respective fields, Gerard Pique and Shakira were the “couple goals” ultimate. Together they made the whole world dream, seeming very much in love and inseparable. However, All good things come to an end . And the least we can say is that they did not separate on very good terms. The proof ? Recently, the Colombian singer released a single in which she atomizes the father of her children and his new girlfriend. Very discreet about their breakup, the former defender of FC Barcelona is, this time, out of his silence. Discover the response with finesse and full of irony from Gérard Piqué facing the spikes launched by Shakira.

Gérard Piqué and Shakira : break up

From now on, it is common knowledge that the relationship between Gérard Piqué and Shakira is ultra tense . As a reminder, it was in 2010, during the filming of the clip for the song “Waka Waka” that they met for the first time. Note that at this time, they were each a couple , but Cupid will soon reunite them.

So the following year they separate from their respective companions in order to live their romance in broad daylight. Between them, everything seems to go very quickly. For good reason, two years after the formalization of their idyll, on January 22, 2013, they become the parents of little Milan . On January 29, 2015, the family grew with the birth of Sacha.

After the birth of their two children, the happiness of the couple has increased . However, as of 2017, they were subject to split rumors. And last June, the bad news has come . After more than 10 years together, the two stars announced their split . In a joint statement, they said:

“We regret to confirm that we are separating. For the well-being of our children, who are our top priority, we ask that you respect their privacy. We thank you for your understanding. »

“You replaced a Rolex with a Casio”

Of course, the separation of Gérard Piqué and Shakira spilled a lot of ink . Moreover, a history of deception is the cause. Indeed, the footballer went elsewhere. According to the Catalan newspaper El Periodico, he would have cheated on the mother of his children with Clara Marti , a 23-year-old girl.

In short, months after the announcement of their breakup, it seems that Shakira always has a lot on her mind . To express her emotions, the singer, who went to live in Miami with her sons, therefore went back to the studio. In collaboration with Argentinian DJ Bizarrap, on January 11, 2023, she released a song that sounds like a settling of accounts . Indeed, in the lyrics, the Colombian does not go out of her way to push her ex. She sings :

'I won't come back to you, even if you cry or beg me', 'I have surpassed you and that's why you are with someone like you', 'A lot of gym, but also work out a bit your brain', 'You changed a Ferrari for a Twingo', 'You replaced a Rolex with a Casio', 'A wolf like me is not made for beginners, a wolf like me is not made for a guy like you.

'This watch is for life': Pique's response

Always in the same song, Shakira also did not fail to humiliate “the new girlfriend” of are ex.

“She has the name of someone good, which is clearly not the case”, can we hear him sing.

What does Gérard Piqué think of all these punchlines? Well, obviously, they amused him to say the least . Thus, on Friday January 13, 2022, the 35-year-old footballer decided to respond to Shakira's attacks. Live on Twitch to talk about his Kings League (a competition mixing different sports), Gérard Piqué displayed himself with a Casio watch . According to him, he is in collaboration with the Japanese brand. Information confirmed by the latter.

'Is this a joke? he wondered.

He then added saying:

'No, no, I'm serious. I tell you, this watch is for life.”

Moreover, by sending another spade to Shakira, the Barca retiree also mocked Javier Tebas . For good reason, the boss of Spanish football has compared the Kings League to the 'circus'. According to him, for the next day of the championship, the young retiree has promised that he will come to the stadium in a Twingo . Also, he will dress as a clown.

Note that so far, Shakira did not react to the speech of his ex . In any case, BZRP Music Session #53 is currently a hit. It already totals over 80 million views on YouTube .

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