Get 27: why was it removed from the shelves of Carrefour and Système U?

modified: 2022-12-22 21:25:08

If you are used to shopping at Carrefour or Système U, you may have noticed the absence of Get 27.

  Get 27: why was it removed from the shelves of Carrefour and Système U?

With the New Year and Christmas approaching, alcohol is starting to get bought too. To consume it of course in moderation. But, if you were planning to drink Get 27 or make a cocktail of it, you will have to be careful which store you go to. . Indeed, if you are used to shopping in the stores of the U System or even Carrefour, you are not likely to find any. It turns out that between these two chains and the brand to which the Get 27 belongs there have been conflicts. We'll explaine everything here.

More Get 27 in some supermarkets

Indeed, the news has fallen. The Get 27 will no longer be purchasable in the same supermarkets as before. It happens that so usually, we find them everywhere. Now, that changes. For System U stores and crossroads, these drinks will no longer be available in the alcoholic beverages section. . Indeed, the two brands have decided to no longer cooperate with the brand of the Bacardi-Martini group.

It turns out that recently Get 27 from the Bacardi-Martini brand decided to change the level of alcohol in its drinks. But behind this approach remains a financial point of view more than consumer safety. In effect, System U was able to tell BFM Business that the recipe change in the Get 27 drink does not satisfy the brand .

The recipe change

Indeed, the change in recipe of Get 27 remains undeniable. It turns out that the alcohol level in the drink has gone down. But, if one might think that this remains for the health and safety of the consumer, it is not. This is actually a way to reduce production costs. So, the manufacturer decided to change the alcohol level of the drink from 21 degrees to 17.9 degrees. . One way to succeed in saving money by reducing the tax applied to alcohol. And this under the Social Security contribution .

When the Get 27 therefore had a recipe that left it with a rate of 21 degrees, the company paid nearly 579.96 euros per hectoliter . But, with the new recipe which does not exceed 18 degrees, the price drops. Indeed, by passing below 18 degrees, the rate increases to 48.97 euros per hectolitre . A big difference for only three degrees difference. But if the group makes such savings, we can expect to see the price of the bottle drop . But no.

The trademark dispute

In effect, with a tax that costs almost ten times less, you would think that bottles of Get 27 will cost less to buy . But in reality, it is not so . And for that, the U and Carrefour systems do not remain in agreement with the Get 27 brand. It turns out that the latter believe that with the difference in production prices, this must also be felt in the purchase.

Despite negotiations between the distributors and the producer of Get 27, no agreement is made . So this is still bad news for the Bacardi-Martini group, which had better sales since November. And the end-of-year celebrations remain one of the times of the year when the most French people buy alcohol. This remains a blow for the brand. But the latter should compensate for the losses with the reduction in the tax it pays.

Source : 20 Minutes