Ginny & Georgia’s Antonia Gentry Speaks Out Amid Taylor Swift Joke Backlash & More Online Bullying From Fans

Antonia Gentry revealed her love and pride for Ginny & & Georgia(* )simply days after dealing with some extreme criticism from Taylor Swift about a “deeply sexist” joke her character makes. As you might remember, fans raged over a quip made about the pop experience’s love life in the

Netflix series. To revitalize your memory, the title character Ginny argued with her mama Georgia and broken out this line throughout a tense scene: ” What do you care? You go through guys quicker than Taylor Swift.”

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Ooof. As you might most likely think, the

Grammy winner didn’t value the remark. She took to Twitter

to resolve her ideas on the controversial minute when she captured wind of the misogynistic jest.

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Swift has yet to react to the (*) Candy Jar(*) alum’s message nor resolved the horrible things her fans have actually stated to this bad lady and others. At this moment, Swift must speak up versus the toxicity and bullying within her fandom.(*) However, to Antonia, keep shining! You got this, and it ideally blow over quickly!(*) #Ginny #Georgias #Antonia #Gentry #Speaks #Taylor #Swift #Joke #Backlash #Online #Bullying #Fans