Glass of water scam: the police warn of this scam that targets the elderly

modified: 2023-01-08 11:21:02

A new scam has been going viral for some time. The Var police are sounding the alert against the “glass of water” scam.

  Glass of water scam: the police warn of this scam that targets the elderly

The scammers do not lack imagination to defraud people . They use either the slightest personal information or your weakness to carry out their deceit. After the credit card scam, and the various online scams, this time crooks ask for a glass of water to scam you.

The glass of water scam is the name of the new scam that has already claimed several victims . Police du Var ring the alert bell . How does this trickery manifest itself? Who are the victims ? How to avoid it? All these questions, we will answer you in the rest of this article .

The course of the glass of water scam

Here is how the glass of water scam unfolds. As the name suggests, the first stage of this scam is the fact that someone knocks on your door to ask for water. You suspect nothing and open the door to let them in. Once entered, you will most certainly go to the kitchen to get a glass of water .

So far, everything seems to be going well, right? Think again, that's exactly where the flight begins . While you are busy looking for a glass of water, scammers steal everything of value in your home . Generally, he only takes easily concealable things in a bag or in your pocket.

After returning from the kitchen with a glass of water, the scammer is already where you left it . He drinks the water you brought and walks out as if nothing had happened. Yet, without you knowing it, he surely took away your jewels and some valuable stuff .

It is only a few hours, even a few days later, that you realize that such an object has disappeared . By then the thief is already far away. It is also quite possible that the thief is not content to steal discreetly, he may threaten you to get money .

The main targets of the glass of water scam

Most victims of this scam are old people . Seniors are the most vulnerable to charity. In addition, if the scammer wants to move on to threats, old people can't defend themselves . The news site L'Indépendance, published on January 5, 2023, reports the alert brought by the Var police:

'This alert particularly concerns the elderly, prime targets for thieves because of their vulnerability'.

Charity or prudence

Now that you know that this new scam is current . If someone knocks on your door asking for a glass of water, do you open it? The water, it's not something to be stingy with . Moreover, if the person is really thirsty , a glass of water can save his life.

However, on the other side, for your own safety, it is better not to open it . You are not going to sacrifice your life for a glass of water. These two solutions seem difficult to perform , what is the right reflex then.

'Don't let a stranger enter your home'

To fight against the glass of water scam, the police issued a recall . Relayed by L'Indépendance, the police invite all citizens not to let a stranger enter your house. It's up to you to judge, if you find that the person does not seem thirsty , ask him to leave.

If he seems really thirsty to you, give him a glass of water . To drink water, a person does not need to enter the house. Brought the water to the door and give it to him to drink . Independence recalls this solution

'Remember that a glass of water can also be drunk on the doorstep and under supervision.'

If you apply this solution, you are both charitable and prudent . Charity is the fact that you gave water to drink to a stranger. As for caution, it is the fact that you did not let him into your home. If he was a scammer or not everything went well and nothing was stolen .

There you go, now you know how does the glass of water scam manifest . It's up to you to be careful.

Source : Lindependant