Government aid: €600 of cumulative aid, how to benefit from it?

modified: 2023-01-05 13:54:02

In order to help you cope with the energy crisis that is hitting the country, 6 government aids have been put in place for 2023.

  Government aid: €600 of cumulative aid, how to benefit from it?

Most government aid ended in 2022. The year 2023 promises to be difficult with ever higher prices . The 15% increase in regulated gas and electricity prices is not helping matters. Your energy bill risk of exploding at the start of the year . But be aware that several nudges can offset these expenses. Among the 6 aids still available in 2023, find out if you are entitled to them.

The classic energy check

It's an energy check my place in 2018 pour help the poorest households to pay for their energy consumption . It operates without distinction on the bill for wood, electricity, fuel oil, gas, etc. Its amount varies from 48 to 277 euros. If you haven't spent yet your classic energy check in 2022 , know that you can still do it until March 31, 2023 .

You can use it for finance some energy renovation work . Like many government aids, the energy check considers a number of criteria , among others,

  • The fact of living in a dwelling subject to housing tax,
  • The declaration of income to the tax administration
  • An income ceiling according to a scale which takes into account the financial and family situation of the beneficiary .

The exceptional energy check

The exceptional energy check completes the classic energy check that the State pays each spring . This has been paid automatically to eligible persons since the end of December. This grant will benefit 12 million households , i.e. one in three households.

His sending will be spread over a period of 2 months . Like other government aid, the exceptional energy check is established according to the household income and composition :

  • It amounts to 200 euros for households whose reference tax income does not exceed 10,800 euros .
  • It amounts to 100 euros for households whose reference tax income is between 10,800 euros and 17,400 euros.

Government aid for wood and fuel oil

Households that warm up wood and oil did not benefit from the energy tariff shield. This is why the government has set up wood operation and fuel oil operation energy checks .

Fuel oil energy check has been paid since November 7 . Its amount is

  • 200 euros for households with an annual reference tax income not exceeding 10,800 euros.
  • 100 euros for households with annual reference tax income between 10,800 and 20,000 euros .

Unlike other government aid, the wood energy check is not automatic . The platform to request it is available since December 27, 2022 on the site of the exceptional energy check for the wood operation.

Homes whose reference taxable income is less than 14,400 , are entitled to:

  • 200 euros, if they are heated with pellets,
  • 100 euros, if they are heated with logs.

Households with a reference tax income between 14,400 euros and 27,500 euros , will affect:

  • 100 euros for heating with pellets
  • 50 euros for heating with logs.

As a reminder, the exceptional wood energy check and the exceptional fuel oil energy check do not stack . However, each of them can be combined with the exceptional energy check .

The energy check for social housing tenants

It is an aid from Action Logement up to 600 euros . It is intended for social housing tenants to support their purchasing power. Of the 10 million HLM tenants, this bonus will be granted to 75,000 households .

The service in charge has been operational since December 12. For' be eligible for this scheme , it is necessary :

  • Being a tenant of social housing,
  • Justify an increase of 100 euros in monthly charges or a regularization of expenses of 1,000 more over the year .
  • A living allowance of less than 15 euros, per day and per person due to loss of purchasing power .

To receive it, eligible persons should contact their social landlord . He is the one who will take care of the case.

Government subsidies for fuel

In order to replace the discount at the pump expired on December 31, 2022 , the government proposes a new fuel allowance . In the amount of 100 euros, it will be paid in one go. 10 million lowest-income workers will be able to claim it, from January 16, 2023 .

More precisely, it concerns “the first five deciles” , i.e. those whose annual reference tax income does not exceed 14,700 euros. In other words, these are the poorest 50% of households s, who use their vehicle to get to work. It is allocated per person and not per household. Eligible people will have to fill out a form on the impot site s., before February 28, 2023.

Source : Moneyvox