Guillaume (Love is in the meadow) collapsed: big emotional sequence because of a letter!

modified: 2022-09-14 22:02:02

Guillaume could not hold back his tears in Love in the meadow. This detail of one of her contenders is the cause!

  Love is in the meadow

We are already following on our screens the new season of Love has been in the meadow for four months. For this 17ᵉ season, twelve farmers are participating in the show. And besides, viewers will see the return of some characters who marked the programme with their participation! Among them, a revealed participant in the tenth edition is about to return. The details !

Love is in the meadow: the new season begins

This new season of the show dating , Love is in the meadow, sees the entry of seven new breeders. To name but a few, we find, for example, a master brewer, but a inseminator of equines!

Fans will also be able to enjoy the appearance other profiles most remarkable. This notably includes an equi-tourism professional as well as a father-daughter duo!

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The latter is also composed by a woman named Emmanuelle. And as it seems, the girl recently bowed out in the programme Love is in the meadow ! A departure that did not fail to sadden more than one !

Among the new casting of this twelfth season, it turns out that Guillaume du Limousin will also be there. On Monday, September 12, it was officially revealed as a participant who will embellish this new edition.

Find out who Guillaume du Limousin is!

Guillaume, candidate of Love is in the meadow, is a man of shy nature. Proof that he stayed single for a long time. Obviously, this one lacks experience when it comes to courting women.

But during his participation in the broadcast of M6 , it turns out that the candidate is finally on the right track! So far, he had only done nice meets .

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Among these new acquaintances, two of his contenders probably caught all his attention! But at the same time, one of the other participants who aims to conquer his heart had rather frightened him.

But what happened ? We give you the details in the following paragraphs!

Love is in the meadow: The dating of Guillaume

The speed dating of Love is in the meadow took place on Monday, September 12th. The opportunity for viewers to discover Guillaume. The 28-year-old man is already a seasoned breeder suckler cows and poultry in New Aquitaine!

Single for quite a while now time , he would like to live a pleasant love story. Motivation, dedication and courage will be his assets to support his career. His biggest blockage? It is without a doubt his shyness which often prevents him from acting with confidence.

“Dredge, I don’t know how to do”, he had thus indicated during his portrait in Love is in pre-season 17! However, when he made the meet of Noémie, it would seem that another facet of him has revealed itself. Apparently, this pretty woman did not fail to move him thanks to his mail. Quit even making you cry the farmer !

It is through this writing that the man discovered that Noémie is owner of a beautiful Husky. This detail had touched him then since he had had the same breed of dog for 11 years! A little ball of hair which unfortunately is no longer part of his life. 'When I saw this, I thought 'it's the same' , he reported to Noémie, his suitor.
« Great, I made you cry, that's great' , replied the concerned. A beautiful bond which already says a lot about the rest of their adventure!