Hauts-de-France, the region launches an alert concerning SMS scams

modified: 2022-12-29 01:00:02

Increasingly, SMS scams claim many victims, as in Hauts-de-France.

  Hauts-de-France, the region launches an alert concerning SMS scams

More and more, SMS scams are spreading. And, although it does not make 100% victims, those who are caught can see their lives changed completely. everything. With the context of the energy crisis, crooks are therefore posing as the Hauts-de-France region in order to extract money from their victims. It seems to offer a way to save energy, and then pay less . We'll explaine everything here.

Phishing, the most common scam

In the most common scam techniques , phishing, or phishing in French remains very widespread. This technique compares to fishing for good reason. Here, the fish, the prey, remains the victim. The way to cast the fishing rod is therefore to send an SMS, or even an email. The bait remains in the case of the Hauts-de-France scam the fact of saving energy to pay less. But the trap remains that by clicking on the link, you have already fallen into the scam.

We have also been able to find many scams with the vital card. The bait remains to say that it had to be renewed. To do this, you have to click on a link. The latter offers to update it for only a few cents. But there, this is totally a scam . The goal here is not to steal the pennies, but bank details . With this, scammers will be able to resell your details and others will be able to use them to steal money from your account .

A couple from Vaucluse sees their life changed

Thus, this scam à la carte vitale, a couple from Vaucluse was the victim. The husband, Marc, 71, has indeed entered his contact details. But, the consequences seemed dramatic. This remains a loss of nearly 12,000 euros . The couple find themselves dry with only a few cents on their A booklets. Fortunately, residents of Vaucluse have mobilized to make a Leetchi kitty for aid .

Indeed, in this kind of scam, banks only reimburse very infrequently the victims. UFC-Que Choisir had even decided to go to trial with many banks. Because too often, the latter seek the best way not to reimburse. And for that, they just said that the victim was too grossly negligent . However, this is not always the case. So for this couple from Vaucluse, the bank will surely not reimburse them .

The energy crisis as a motive

And lately, the Hauts-de-France seem well targeted by a new scam. At a time of year when the tariff shield will start on January 1, expect a price increase of nearly 15%. However, it depends on the homes. For example, for the price of gas, for small consumers, the increase will hold in the order of more than 5%. But most homes should expect 15%.

Thus, recently an SMS seems to be circulating in the Hauts-de-France region . The scammers pretend to be the region and offer help to save “70% on your energy consumption by clicking here”. Of course, the link remains a scam whose sole purpose is to steal your bank details .

Thus, if you receive an SMS of this kind as in the Hauts-de-France region, it is better to call the region to find out if it remains true or not. Thereby, if you receive an email or an SMS with a link in it, it is better never to click on it . You might as well get closer to the organization that seems to be sending the message to ensure the truth of the facts.

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