'He doesn't take me very seriously': Stéphane Bern throws the truth about his relationship with his darling Yori!

modified: 2022-09-27 13:24:02

Always a bit discreet about his private life, Stéphane Bern recounts part of his sentimental life. The details in this article!

  Stéphane Bern

Nicknamed 'Mr. heritage', Stéphane Bern has always been discreet about his love affairs. This situation, however, has recently changed. This time, he tells us a secret about his relationship with his companion. A romantic relationship that they have had for two years already!

Stéphane Bern makes an unprecedented confidence!

We often say that like attracts like, an obvious logic. However, in a romantic relationship, sometimes the two opposite poles attract each other. Stéphane Bern's companion, he was never passionate about history as his lover could be. But that didn't stop them from being ensemble and above all to be happy.

Yori is a young man who was at the start of his professional career. A DJ who knew how to set up his own business. He is now the head of a dating site for men, which seems to be doing well. His main goal is to help them make friends or find a soul mate just like him right now.

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During an interview with Cine TV Review , Stéphane Bern did not hesitate to confide that his companion is a wonderful person. And this despite the fact that they do not share the same passion for history .

However, this difference is far from being a obstacle for the couple. On the contrary, it allows them to support each other, each in his job. Remember, for example, that during the disappearance of Queen Elizabeth II, Stéphane Bern was deeply affected.

Not only because he liked the queen, but also in memory of his father. As he explained to us, the year of his decoration Knight of the Order of the British Empire is also where he lost his father and his brother.

My companion does not share my passion!

The two men share very different worlds. Stéphane Bern and Yori are nevertheless in love and happy despite their different passion . Would the latter bother? No, in fact, it is quite the contrary, the difference that makes their strength.

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Apparently, the couple is in perfect agreement. Stéphane and Yori also seem fulfilled. In love, the couple often appears in public. And the photos are frequent on the social networks of the animator .

Stéphane Bern, madly in love!

We haven't really seen Stéphane Bern, exposing his love life over time. However, he could not help but tell, part of his life with Yori. Currently on vacation in Greece, the animator 58-year-old makes a declaration of love to his companion. And for that, he opted for a snapshot posted on his account accompanied by a rather particular caption.

Pictures of him with his companion , smiling face, twinkling look, etc. They look very happy and in love! Stéphane Bern has not failed to make a nice dedication to his lover publicly. As a caption of a photo of the two lovebirds with a wide smile from ear to ear: “Love consoles all sorrows. On vacation, vaccinated, happy to find Paros with my king of hearts” .

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