Health insurance scam: this terrible scam cost a colossal sum to a couple…

modified: 2022-09-18 15:10:02

Health insurance status is no longer a guarantee of confidence in France. Several cases of scams have been signed in their name!

  Health Insurance

Scam cases are numerous in France nowadays. Despite the many victims and the warnings against you want , many still fall into the trap . In addition, the crooks are also doubling their ingenuity in their actions. Recently, their new method is to usurp the name of health insurance. And this scam seems to work well! A couple has already taken the bait . We tell you the story!

Health insurance: Pay attention to messages from this entity!

With age, we become concerned about our future . In general, it is obvious that none of us will be eternal on this earth. Therefore, the idea of ​​having our backs and those of our descendances we trotted in the spirit . Hence our initiative to subscribe to health insurance ! This way, we will have more peace of mind when the day of our retirement comes. However, the situation is no longer as it was in the past .

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At its beginnings, health insurance was trustworthy . From now on, you have to be vigilant about its service. Why ? We discovered that this organization was infiltrated by criminals. The latter managed to falsify its site, its operating methods and its members. They use them to defraud the subscribers of the mutual . Relying on the services, more than one have been victims of scam . They wanted reply to their texts !

Here is the testimony of a victim of these messages!

Since these embezzlements associated with health insurance, the number of scam victims has slightly doubled. Among all the processes already popular, that of these messages no longer has the trust of all. That's why this couple in this story didn't see it coming! They got tricked by these crooks . At the end of this case, 3,700 euros have disappeared from their Apple Pay account . Following their clumsiness, their detractor became aware of their bank details.

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The couple expressly delivered to them l’information during an exchange. How is it possible ? It all started with this woman's request for a new health card ! To this end, she contacted her health insurance. It should be noted that the latter took a long time to respond. Instead, these malefactors took the opportunity to Send him a message . They asked him to pay for his home delivery. To facilitate the transaction, she gave them her bank details!

Health insurance: The couple were less attentive to the various sensitizations?

We are a little surprised to discover that this couple fell for it again . It should be noted that this health insurance scam has been around for quite a long time. Since then, the campaigns of sensitization against these unhealthy acts are very viral online. As an example, we cite the one that is visible in Ameli's website !

This is a very famous platform that alert social security subscribers . Against what ? This site warns them against these types of scams contracted by health insurance. Thus, avoid that the same hardships happened to this couple happen to others! Only, we want to wash the honor mutual health insurance in this story. Everything happens without their knowledge !