Health: the price provided by Social Security for a consultation

modified: 2023-02-03 23:02:02

Social Security announced on February 2 a new consultation fee. This tariff is disputed by several health personnel.

  Health: the price provided by Social Security for a consultation

Every human being is afraid of dying. Even if death cannot be prevented, the best way to reduce the risk of dying is to stay healthy . No matter how rich, if you're not healthy, it's in vain. It exists many tips for staying healthy .

However, regardless of prevention, our body is not immune to disease. This makes the work of doctors important. Exhausted by the Covid epidemic, as well as the flu, the latter asks for a revaluation of the price of the consultations . The Director of Health Insurance proposed a new tariff on February 2, 2022.

Health: Here is the new tariff desired by the unions

Since November 2022, the doctors' unions negotiate a new rate with Medicare . Health personnel are asking to increase the price of general medicine consultations to 50 euros. Their first justification is that this value is aligned with the European average . Reported by our colleagues from CNews, the current European average health consultation rate is “46 euros”.

The second justification is that 50 euros will increase the rate of access to general practitioners . The current state of this access is deplorable. Relayed by CNews, published on January 29, 2023:

“Today in France, 1.7 million inhabitants live in medical deserts”.

The term medical deserts means that citizens find it difficult to meet a general practitioner . You are affected by a medical desert if the trip from your home to a doctor takes more than 30 minutes. How does the increase in the consultation fee will be a solution to solve the medical wasteland problem?

The more the value of a health consultation increases, the more doctors will want to practice in the liberal . With the current price, the number of private general practitioners is decreasing . Here is a statistic reported by CNews, published on January 29, 2023:

'We are seeing a steady decline in the number of general practitioners practicing in private practice, which fell from 64,000 in 2012 to 57,000 in 2022.'

Health: what is the new rate offered by social security?

The current standard price for a health consultation with liberal doctors is 25 euros. Despite the unions' justifications for increase this price to 50 euros , social security does not intend to follow him.

Indeed, after several months of negotiation, Thomas Fatôme, Director of Health Insurance, proposed a new consultation fee . The new proposal was made on February 2. How much will be its amount? In an article from the CNews information site published on February 2, 2023, Jean-Paul Hamon, the honorary president of the Federation of Physicians, declared:

“Thus, the consultation should go from 25 euros to… 26 euros and 50 cents”.

This is the new amount proposed by the director of health insurance . Related to 50 euros requested by the unions , it must be said that there is a big difference. What are the unions going to do?

A new strike on February 14

The unions of general practitioners demand 50 euros, health insurance offers only 26 euros and 50 cents . Faced with this dilemma, a strike is scheduled for February 14. Our colleagues from CNews report:

“A large number of doctors are already ready to demonstrate in front of the Senate on February 14. »

Moreover, in preparation for this event, several health personnel have already met on January 5 . In addition to the value of the consulting fee, several things will be claimed on February 14 . Here is a non-exhaustive list of these complaints:

Fear of the return of the station obligation:

Victorious after a long strike in 2002, the custody obligation no longer included in the code of ethics . However, the representatives of the Hospital Federation are calling for it again. It's a reason to protest.

Counted on Saturday morning as permanence

The doctors claim that on Saturday morning be counted as Sunday . This will allow access to better remuneration.

Exclusion of text on direct access to certain paramedical professionals

In order to solve the problem of medical deserts, a deputy proposes to introduce a law allowing nurses and physiotherapists or speech therapists to prescribe for their patients. This would mean that patients no longer have the obligation to consult a doctor. It's still a suggestion. but the unions are already worried .

Well, the field of health is going to experience a change this year. Prepare yourselves.

Source : C news