Health: these 4 signs should alert you to heart failure, you should not ignore them!

modified: 2022-09-24 18:00:02

Everyone should be aware of the signs that can reveal heart failure. Recognizing its signs can preserve your health!

  Heart failure

heart failure is a pathology that affects more and more people in France. Each year, this disease causes around 70,000 deaths. It is moreover a huge figure that worries health professionals . Often, we can save in time the people affected if we know the signs that show that the person has heart failure. In order to reduce the risks, health insurance decides to raise awareness among the French.

Health: What is heart failure?

heart failure is a serious pathology related to a heart problem. As we know, the heart is a blood pump . To support the needs of our organs, it makes efforts by contracting and releases a flow of this famous red liquid . The latter conducts oxygen throughout the body thereafter and ensures our health.

Insufficiency then arises when the heart loses some of its force . That is to say, he cannot give the necessary volume of blood . Having become a common pathology and often addressed in sensitizations health, heart failure growing in our society.

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It also causes several deaths , because its diagnosis is often made late. So patients no longer receive treatment on time . The majority of people with heart failure are mostly seniors .

The most common causes that cause this disease are lifestyle habits that are detrimental to health, including tobacco consumption , poor diets or a sedentary lifestyle.

Detect heart failure

Health insurance raises awareness the French to realize of the signs which can be caused by heart failure. Indeed, if we take charge immediately of a person presenting signs of heart failure , we can very well prevent it from reaching serious forms.

To easily recognize that a person may have heart failure, note the four signs following. shortness of breath , a person who is frequently short of breath without exerting any physical effort has certainly some health concerns . And most likely it comes from the heart.

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the fatigue , when a person feels continuously tired. This may mean that his organs are starting to run out of oxygen. It is therefore necessary to be vigilant about this state of health.

Weight gain and swelling , these are signs that seem to be normal, however, it is always advisable to remain cautious . These signs will help you detect heart failure, especially for older people.

Take care of your health!

If you or any of your entourage shows signs (fatigue, shortness of breath, weight gain or swelling), you are strongly advised to seek medical advice. Even if it is due to something else, it is always more prudent having a doctor's opinion . Also, if ever, the signs are really related to heart failure. The doctor can prescribe you quickly adequate treatments .

Health is, above all, a priority . And as the insufficiency seriously starting to become common. Everyone needs to be made aware. Know the signs and go to the hospital immediately or consult a doctor to get to the bottom of it.