Heating: insulation, stoves, renovation… these tips for heating without breaking the bank!

modified: 2022-09-29 20:17:09

As winter approaches, the French are already worried about the cost of their bill. Heating is essential during this period.


The majority of French people are certainly looking for a solution to avoid breaking the bank during the winter. Even if it is only at the end of September, we can already feel the drop in temperatures. The heating, which is the only way to keep warm throughout the winter, will be very busy. But beware, who says heating says energy consumption. And to top it off, high bill. Wouldn't there be ways to lower consumption in this case?

Heating: How to reduce consumption during the winter?

There are indeed several ways to lower the energy consumption during winter. However, the installation takes a bit of time. If you are used to using electric heating, why not turn to other equally effective means?

Long before these devices came along, people were using other methods. Wood or pellet stoves, for example, in addition to being tendency in interior decoration, give warmth well. They are also very economical and environmentally friendly.

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It can happen that even with a fairly high temperature of your heating, the house is still not at the right level. temperature . In this case, remember to check your insulation. According to a survey, the 30% of heat loss is through roofs .

It is recommended to contact a specialist for a check-up. It won't cost you more than the invoice. If your home allows it, wood-burning fireplaces aren't bad either. You will mind calm since the logs are really at an affordable price.

Using other energy sources, a possible idea

For the majority of households, the heating is currently powered by electricity. Which drives up the bills.

Recently, the government has called for energy conservation . Then it might be time to look to other sources.

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Economical and ecological heating does exist. And precisely, it is a solution that could be considered for this winter.

Not only do you decrease your consumption of energy. But above all, it will allow you to reduce bills.

Heating, a big budget for every household

It must be said that the budget for heating for each household remains high. To avoid large expenditure, already with the financial difficulties of our days, it is indispensable to see how to reduce the bills.

Electricity itself is expensive. So imagine with a large consumption, it will be ruin.

In addition, the adaptation of other energy sources (wood, gas, etc.), you have the possibility of reducing your bill by a few euros. Before winter even arrives, check your heating system.

If you have parts that you rarely use, it is strongly advised to isolate them. An attic, a basement, a lost attic. Contact professionals to help you do this. Certainly, it will cost you a few hundred euros. But compare to the reduction of the invoice, it is nothing at all.

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