Heating this winter: The ideal temperature that the French will have to respect

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Many people fear a gas shortage this winter 2022. As a result, Emmanuel Macron called for French people to be sober, and especially in terms of heating...

  Heating this winter

The largest gas exporter has restricted its exports to French territory. As a result, there is a great risk of shortage for the winter 2022 . Many people fear this situation. . In order to limit ruptures, the French State calls on all citizens to take a attitude of energy sobriety . Indeed, the government is making sure to prepare households to limit their consumption. In order not to experience a shortage of gas, both for individuals and for businesses, Elisabeth Borne keeps repeating: “ You have to save money '. With regard to this objective of sobriety, the government encourages the French to reduce their heating consumption . This contributes to the reduction of energy expenditure. So what temperature should be favored to save energy? We tell you everything!

The ideal temperature according to Emmanuel Macron

According to the large electricity company, EDF, heating constitutes 83% of the gas consumption the French. If effective insulation is THE solution for a drastic reduction in consumption, the work does not necessarily seem within everyone's reach. Indeed, these works are often far too expensive. During a press conference on Monday, September 5, Emmanuel Macron made a statement. This message was aimed at all French citizens. During his speech, the Head of State notably revealed the ideal ambient temperature for winter 2022. In this case, it is worth looking at the small measures that could save money . One of the most important, according to Engie, would be to lower all heaters to 19°C . A gesture that would make it possible to reach the desired 10%. EDF also recommends set the thermometer to 17°C at night.

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According to him, for everyone to contribute to the energy sobriety , it's necessary favor a temperature not exceeding 19 ° C . This is how the words of the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron unfold. Brigitte Macron's husband first said « each of you has your role to play » . He then added: 'The most effective thing to do is to try to set a heating reference, as soon as it starts to get cold, around 19°C in the room to maintain the ambient temperature'. To end with: “If we make this small collective effort, then the country will be able to achieve its sobriety objectives quite spontaneously. » The real question is whether the temperature in question present an interest for everyone. The answer couldn't be more obvious: yes!

The ideal heating temperature for winter

There are many reasons why this temperature constitutes an ideal solution for every room in the house. To convince you, here are a few.

Ideal for saving energy

As you probably already know, the higher the temperature the heating system reaches, the more energy it uses. The ideal temperature corresponds precisely to this point.

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It must be said that this temperature may seem relatively low to you. And this, especially compared to the heat that the sun offers us in summer. Nevertheless, it corresponds to the ideal temperature for maintain an average level of energy consumption for the coming winter .

Ideal heating for the metabolism

In addition to allowing for energy savings , this temperature promotes the proper functioning of sleep. The ideal temperature in a bedroom is between 16 and 19 °C . You should know that this value does not fall from the sky. It comes from ADEME (Agency for the Environment and Energy Management). There is no doubt that a good night's sleep remains essential for good health.

What temperature is best for a bedroom? The reason boils down to a few things, and you've probably experienced it yourself. It seems easier to fall asleep in cool weather than in hot weather. Here is a scientific explanation for this observation. When temperatures drop, blood circulation slows down. What contributes to good sleep, restorative and recuperative .

Ideal for children

The temperature between 18 and 20 degrees is called the temperature of thermal neutrality . Neutrality, since at such a temperature, our body does not need to regulate its body temperature. The heating works just enough to keep the body at a good ambient temperature.

This temperature takes on a great importance for babies and children . And this, because this climate stimulates growth and rest. Thus, for the winter of 2022, it is necessary to provide heating at 19°C.

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The ideal heater for flowers

We are not the only ones to have difficulties in winter. The flora of our homes can also pay the price. Most of the flowers that decorate houses can fear the cold.

Well, rest assured, even if the president does not specify it, this temperature is also perfectly suitable for the development of flowers. By hunting, green plants absorb carbon and release oxygen. It is, remember, photosynthesis. Good oxygen levels also contribute to better health.

A decrease in temperature for winter 2022

Here is a more than legitimate question. Seen the looming gas shortage for winter 2022 , you only need a degree less to make things easier. In addition, in the columns of Les Échos, the director general of Engie, Catherine Mac Gregor, shared the following figures: “One degree less over a period of twelve months represents 10 to 15 terawatt hours of gas saved”.

EDF considers that the generation of domestic hot water accounts for 11% of gas consumption of a hearth. It is therefore necessary to think of a few gestures, such as opting for a water-saving shower head, turning off the water when soaping. Or, do not take too long a shower, five minutes is enough. In addition, the shower always consumes less energy than the bath. A bath requires between 150 and 200 liters of water. A shower uses between 30 and 60 litres. In terms of gas consumption, it is An evidence ! And the heating therefore takes a much smaller blow .