Heating: UFC-Que Choisir alert on the volume of the stere

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If you want to use wood heating this winter, beware of the unit prohibited since 1978: the stere.

  Heating: UFC-Que Choisir alert on the volume of the stere

For the French, heating is a sensitive subject this winter. With the energy crisis and the difficulties of energy supply, it must be said that energy price increases continue to empty the wallets of the most modest households . The end of the month is difficult, especially after the payment of energy bills. Whether electricity or gas. There is another problem in the territory. Due to insufficient stock, the government asks the French to be energy efficient. So, for those who can, the solution seems to be heating with wood. And this, since wood remains a source of energy that is easier to access right now. However, there always exists pitfalls to avoid. And this, in particular as regards the units of measurement used, such as the cord, the stere or the stacked cubic meter. We'll explaine everything here !

Duped consumers: firewood sellers

You have to be very careful about the units of measurement of the wood. Indeed, although at the moment wood heating is the best solution and above all the most economical. Nevertheless, beware of the different units of measurement of wood . For exemple, the volume of a stere can often fluctuate. And this, depending on the length of the logs that compose it. From this, you can understand the reason why this unit of measurement is subject to disputes. It should then be known that this unit of measurement is banned from trade since 1978 . « I bought 12 cubic meters and, after storing the logs, we only have 8.5 “, confided a Frenchman, Maurice, living in the Rhône. ' I ordered 6 cubic meters of firewood; I only received 4.2 ,” testified Areski, of Val-de-Marne.

You will then understand why this unit of measurement poses problems. It seems like our colleagues from Que Choisir received many messages about the various disputes related to the delivery of firewood. However, for all the problems, it seems that the sellers have excuses. In effect, 'logs of 40 cm make lose 26% of volume of a stere', justifies one of the sellers who received complaints. But, as you can imagine, these excuses do not seem sufficient to convince consumers. The latter have more and more the impression of being deceived. And now is not the time! Knowing that wood heating seems the most economical for this winter.

Two obsolete units: the cord and the stere

It should then be known that the unit of measurement, the stere, has been banned since 1978. Indeed, the legislators wanted to do their best to prevent the continuations linked to these conflicts. Thus, they decided to ban the use of the stere and the cord as units of measurement. Indeed, decree no. 75-1200 of December 4, 1975, applicable from 1 is January 1978, and renewed in 2003, banned their uses. Good news for buyers who will feel less fooled. Since that date, sellers must therefore use the units of measurement of the international system. And this, such as the cubic meter or the kilogram. This does not prevent some from continuing to be fooled by the use of prohibited units.

It has therefore now been more than forty-four years since the stere and the rope should no longer be used. Nevertheless, some sellers continue to scam their buyers in this way. It should be noted that the stere should normally be prepared with logs of one meter in length. However, nowadays logs sold these days are often found to be shorter. And this, in order to be able to store them more carefully. For many years, it would therefore seem that the volume of firewood has been decreasing. Indeed, the stere corresponds to approximately 0.8 m 3 with logs of 50 cm or 0.7 m 3 with 33 cm logs. It should be emphasized that the French who think that a stere is equivalent to a cubic meter risk being greatly disappointed . As for the rope, it represents between 2 and 5 cubic meters depending on the region.

The preferred unit for firewood: the cubic meter

Since the ban on the use of the stere and the rope, it would seem that only the cubic meter and the kilogram are representative of the firewood you will receive . As explained, the French who think that a stere is equivalent to a cubic meter risk being greatly disappointed. To avoid any problem, you just have to trust only the sellers who display the volume in stacked cubic meter or in apparent wooden cubic meter (m 3 a or mab). Without one of these two units of measurement, you may be disappointed with the firewood actually received.

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