Heating: you may be eligible for energy checks

modified: 2022-12-29 16:13:03

The tariff shield does not benefit houses that have wood and oil heating. The State has created two energy vouchers for them.

  Heating: you may be eligible for energy checks

The sharp rise in energy prices put several households in difficulty . To support the French in need, the government has implemented several measures . Among them are two exceptional cheques. These are two aids granted specifically to households who are heated with wood and domestic oil . Heating with wood or oil, are you eligible? How to use them? Up to how much can you benefit ? All the details in this article.

How can you be sure to benefit from these two heating aids?

The wood energy check and the fuel oil energy check were created with the aim of making it easier to pay your bills of wood and fuel. But you have the possibility to use them to pay your energy bills , regardless of your type of heating: wood and wood pellets, heating oil, electricity and natural gas.

These two checks have an expiry date that you can see on the front of the check dated March 31, 2024. You are therefore free to present it to energy suppliers who accept it. You can now consult the online directory of these to find the nearest professional.

It should be remembered that the wood energy check and the fuel oil check are not cumulative devices . On the other hand, the latter are each compatible with the exceptional energy check that you will be able to obtain from mid-December 2022 . The beneficiaries of these two heating subsidies can also receive the classic energy check that the government pays each spring.

Yes you are not sure to benefit from these two devices , you still have the option of taking an eligibility simulator. To check if you are eligible for the fuel energy check, go to chequeenergie.gouv.fr from the end of November .

Do the same for the wood energy check. Note, however, that this tool will only be available from mid-February 2023 .

If your eligibility for the wood energy check and the fuel oil check is approved, your exceptional energy check will reach you at your known address on March 31, 2033 . If you have moved in the meantime, do not forget to notify assistance on 0 805 204 805. You will receive your heating assistance:

Heating with wood and oil: up to how much can you touch?

The wood energy check and the fuel oil energy check are awarded subject to income conditions . Their calculation takes into account a number of parameters, including the reference taxable income (RFR) and the consumption unit (UC).

As a reminder, the reference incomes here are those of 2020. A consumption unit (CU) corresponds to the 'adult equivalents' of the tax household . For example, one adult is equal to 1 CU. The second person counts for 0.5 CU and additional people for 0.3 CU. A couple with 2 dependent children equals 2.1 UA .

With regard to the fuel energy check, its amount is 200 euros for households whose RFR, UC does not exceed 10,800 euros. It decreases to 100 euros for households whose RFR/UC is between 10,800 euros and 20,000 euros.

As for the wood energy check, its amount varies according to the composition of the household , the income from it and the firewood used. For a household whose RFR/UC is less than 14,400 euros, it is:

  • 200 euros for heating with wood pellets,
  • 100 euros for heating with logs.

However, a household whose RFR/UC is between 14,400 euros and 27,500 euros , a wood energy check for:

  • 100 euros will be awarded for heating with wood pellets,
  • 50 euros for a log heater.

How to get your fuel and wood energy check?

Obtain the wood energy check and the fuel oil check, do not require complicated procedures .

Obtaining the fuel energy check

Households that have already used an energy check in the past and who are eligible for the fuel oil energy check in 2022 have the advantage . The latter received the fuel oil energy check at the end of November, automatically by their post office box.

However, eligible households that will collect it from this year , must first write an application for a fuel oil energy check from November 8, 2022. They must complete this procedure with the platform chequeboisfioul.asp-public.fr. They must then provide proof to support it :

  • A domestic fuel bill less than 18 months old on request. (If the household has an individual heating oil boiler).
  • A certificate of collective heating with domestic fuel oil . (If the household uses collective domestic oil heating).

Obtaining the wood energy check

To receive the wood energy voucher, beneficiaries must go to the Energy Check platform . They must then write an application from December 27, 2022 and provide one of the following supporting documents:

  • A wood purchase invoice for individual wood heating for an amount not less than 50 euros, not exceeding 18 months.
  • A certificate of collective wood heating for homes with a collective wood-fired heating system, from January 16, 2023 .

Source : Asp-public

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