Here are the 14 professions whose salary will explode in 2023!

modified: 2022-09-16 13:16:02

For 2023, companies are considering an alternative to help workers. A salary increase is expected!


Between concerns related to price management, a tight labor market, worker expectations and inflation, several reasons are pushing companies to put an end to the question of wages. Thus, a augmentation is planned for 2023 for certain sectors.

Salary: An increase as an alternative!

Many people are currently concerned about augmentation of salary. Fortunately, some companies have understood the situation of inflation and implement solutions. Namely recruitment and salary increases.

Many companies are therefore considering updating their remuneration policy. This is to help workers deal with this crisis.

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According to the Inflation & Reward Actions 2022 survey, this alternative is mainly encouraged by retention and attraction challenges. Some sectors with high rates of recruitment will therefore be able to see their wages augmentés in 2023.

In any case, this increase will affect a dozen professions. It should be noted that this increase could reach 25%.

What context to grant this increase?

Regarding the increase in salaries, the French organizations plan to focus more on three points. First the elements not financiers salary; second, the increase in annual salaries. And finally the supplementary budgets for regulatory adjustment purposes.

Additionally, many companies have chosen to focus more on their salary expenses in order to obtain better results and optimal support for employees.

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The technicians in remuneration and companies could therefore set up a pre-studied process for better conservation of skills . However, it is necessary to take into account the tensions economic and salaries. Hence the detection of key sectors of the company.

In addition, an improvement of the talents of the company through various trainings is also feasible. Similarly, active listening to employees' opinions on compensation can be put in place.

Salary: The beneficiaries of this increase

This year, the inflation rate stood at 8.1% at the end of May. To remedy this, the majority of organizations have increased the number of hiring . Especially since we have seen a 3.1% increase this year and 2.3% in 2021, companies have announced that the cost of higher wages will be higher than expected.

In addition, according to the forecast of providers of use , various types of professions may especially experience a salary increase next year.

All types of professions will therefore not see their wages increase. The question particularly concerns employees who work in risky security environments. Those with skills outstanding as well as high performing employees.

In addition, we can mention the IT or information technology sector, finance and accounting, engineering and the pharmaceutical industry. Alongside them, there are also executives, salespeople and digital employees. The increase will still encompass several sectors, and this, to the delight of the French!