Here are the 5 most common signs of infidelity, according to a private investigator!

modified: 2022-10-02 00:02:01

Couples are based on trust. But sometimes you have to keep your eyes open, because infidelity can affect anyone.


Some people suffer from an unhealthy jealousy . For others, love makes them completely blind. In all cases, lovers are all afraid of discovering an infidelity. When the suspicions are too intense , there are several ways to get to the bottom of it. But one of the most effective methods remains the use of a detective . These professionals of spinning and investigation follow the lovers suspicious, and may even bring evidence of an affair . Thus, they generally know how to take photos at good distances, to unmask fickle people. So if doubt hangs in your head, discover the 5 signs not to ignore according to a detective. Known under the name of @DownUnderInvestigations , he shares some of his secrets on TikTok.

A little lie can hide a big one

Mysterious phone call or late return home… Sometimes some details can make you distrustful of your spouse . Most often, people notice small changes that seem trivial . Thus, the unfaithful partner will tend to to lie on little things. He'll pretend to have an errand to run, or tell stories that don't hold water . In fact, he or she will lie to justify an absence or a delay.

You will probably find it difficult to understand why it is so mysterious. In reality, these small inconsistencies can hide a real infidelity .

Infidelity: the phone under safe guard

A smartphone stay of course a personal item . However, in the event of infidelity, the person risks no longer leaving him unattended.

Most of the time, he will leave it upside down, with the screen concealed . If you notice that your partner is anxious when you have their phone in their hands, this can also be a clue. Finally, flighty individuals take their cell phones everywhere with them, even in the toilet or in the bathroom .

This tendency can reveal infidelity. Thus, the one who cheats on his partner tends to self-isolate to send and receive messages . And he jealously guards his telephone locked down so that his misdeeds do not come to light.

Cheating partners stay on the defensive

The best defense is attack! Few people apply this principle as well as those who cheat on their spouse. So if you try to confront him by pointing out his behavior, he will do anything to shut you up !

When she knows she is suspected, a fickle person can become aggressive . Besides, daring will not stop him. So, she might even accuse you of infidelity. In short, faced with elements overwhelming, the spouses who have an affair try to reverse the discussion .

At this level, a person gifted in manipulation could well make you doubt yourself. In the USA, this method is called 'gaslighting' .

Infidelity: an unexpected change in look can indicate a slippage

With routine, it happens that some people let go . Of course, there is no need for a good reason to take control. But some sudden changes are still signs of infidelity .

Thus, if your partner begins to exercise again, to lose weight, or even change your beauty routine , this should alert you. It is possible that these efforts serve to please you. But it could also be that they aim to seduce a third person . According to the detective TikTok star, perfumes and personal hygiene are part of the signs!

Words betray fickle spouses

Learn to decrypt your partner's language . Sometimes infidelity becomes easy to detect. Very often, a partner who is having an affair with someone will have a hard time hiding it. It could even be that he frequently talks to you about this person .

According to the detective who shares his job online , these details are not sufficient to prove infidelity. These are simply the clues that come up most often. if in doubt, try to have a calm discussion first with your better half . And don't go too far, because everyone must have their own secret garden.