Here are the three most pesticide-contaminated fall fruits!

modified: 2022-10-01 02:33:02

Autumn has just shown its colors in France. This is an opportunity to taste its delicious fruits while being very careful!


The off-season brings many changes to our daily lives. It even manages to diversify the food on our plate. We can now say goodbye to certain foods that will no longer have their place for this fall/winter. As for fruits, many of them suffer this sad fate! Nevertheless, you will not miss them while enjoying the wonders of autumn. Only be very careful in your choice , because some are dangerous!

Now make way for autumn fruits!

In general, almost all nutritionists around the world are of the same opinion. fruit consumption is ideal and good for health . This is why everyone should include this type of food in their daily diet.

Moreover, their benefits are identical to the contributions of medications pharmaceuticals. With the only difference, their elements are more natural and do not cause side effects. Which gender should we prioritize in our regular diet?

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The answer: “None”! It should be noted that all the fruits of each season are excellent. Thus, we invite you not to make a distinction between the varieties. Whether it is spring, summer or autumn fruits, enjoy its tasting!

Since the borders of autumn are crossed, the trees fruit trees scoring this season are also ripe. Get ready to pick figs, quinces, kiwis, tangerines, blueberries, or grapes ! Why not apples, pears and plums? Long live autumn!

Treat yourself during this season while remaining vigilant!

We all know that the fruits of autumn are incredibly juicy . In addition, they are full of many vitamins and other essential nutrients for the body. However, you should know that some of them are dangerous for your health. Why ?

According to the organization Pesticide Action Network Europe, the latter are infested with pesticides. How is it possible ? According to a Evaluation out of 44,137 government samples, those growing during leaf litter are the most contaminated.

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Une publication partagée par Kubota Fruits (@kubota_fruits)

In other words, we do reference following fruits: apples, pears and plums. According to this report, it would be a very harmful type of pesticide called: “Candidates for substitution”. However, this chemical vaporizer has already been banned by the state. It is written in regulation n°1107/2009!

Apparently the message didn't get across very well. Hence this recklessness! On the other hand, we still hope that this sensitization will not go unnoticed. Kind regards, help us spread this alert widely !

Fruits: Here are the consequences if you ingest this pesticide!

As its name suggests, the pesticide is intended to scare away harmful insects from the fields. Without attention, many find themselves consuming these autumn fruits.

This is why the Directorate for Competition, Consumption and Repression cheats wanted to help. In this way they held to share this news with everyone .

By making this problem with autumn fruits viral, this entity thought to alert the public. Thus, saving more lives! At least, the time that the legislations concerning this product are firm.

The results of this analysis have proven that the unfortunate people who end up consuming fall sick . Sometimes they may present symptoms of Parkinson's, Alzheimer's or autism !