Here is the very useful and free application to make big energy savings!

modified: 2022-09-23 23:26:00

Applications to save energy is very beneficial for a home. They make it possible to regulate consumption.


Faced with the situation in which we find ourselves, each household tries to minimize the use of electricity. In addition, various energy saving alternatives are offered to reduce the expense. Among them, phone applications. Indeed, it is possible to reduce the cost of your bill by using them.

Is Ecojoko effective in terms of energy savings?

As a reminder, Ecojoko is an application designed by two engineers French. Its purpose is to help those who use it to control their electricity expenditure. This, device by device and in real time.

In fact, it turns out that about 23% of a household's energy demand is wasted for nothing. These two technicians have thus developed a device to avoid such waste and save more energy. Hence Ecojoko.

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The app works by determining the most popular devices energy guzzlers . It also offers good practice to minimize energy expenditure. You will be able to save more energy while preventing energy waste, a good action also for the environment.

As for its operation, the sensor installed on the meter is linked to the application. You can thus consult the data on your energy expenditure. The application allows up to 25% savings on the amount of the invoice.

Let's talk about HomeFriend

French households can also use another application, apart from Ecojoko. The goal is to follow consumption and thus save more energy. The app is called HomeFriend .

It stands out from other applications thanks to the comparison it allows. Indeed, the households that use it can compare their expenditure with that of other similar households.

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This will give you an idea of ​​what you need to change your habits for more energy savings. So be inspired by good practices to adopt to minimize your consumption.

In addition, this application distinctly detects the expenditure of water, gas and electricity . This device is therefore very useful for French households to determine the main source of excess energy consumption.

Can energy be saved by estimating instantaneous consumption?

What if we focused more on our electricity consumption in order to spend less? Indeed, it is also possible to make more energy savings thanks to a measurement tool to evaluate the electrical power.

To be more precise, the application Quartop allows households to transformer Wattmeter counters. The flashing diode of the electric meter tells us if we are spending more or less.

For the counter electromechanical , the signal is given by the speed of the black mark on the wheel of the device. Quartop will then translate these signals. This will allow you to determine your level of energy consumption at any time during the daytime and when you use this or that device.

Also, the app will help you interpret the meter data. In short, it is easy to use yet very effective in terms of energy savings.