Here's how TikTok Now, the brand new feature that copies BeReal, works!

modified: 2022-09-17 13:08:01

While Be Real was hugely successful in the United States, TikTok took inspiration from it to improve its platform.


These days, many people use social media every day. For the youngest, Instagram and TikTok remain very popular . But this summer, a new app started to take over the app world. Thereby, Be Real tries to inject more spontaneity , and less stage on line. If the recipe works, TikTok quickly responded. From now on, TikTok Now also allows you to post unexpectedly.

A new trend in a constantly changing world

For years, social networks are part of our daily life . But these platforms have created abuses and bad habits. Thus, on TikTok as on Instagram, users do not hesitate to distort reality to embellish it.

These can be retouched photos, but also filters used in stories or videos TikTok . Other people tend to strictly control their image. Thus, we only share photos instagrammables .

Thus, Instagram or TikTok news feeds become galleries where everyone shows up in its best light . Everyone posts exclusively the beautiful moments, and envies the lives of others. Also, this constant staging of reality gives rise to many complexes. In front of these smooth and standardized contents , voices began to be raised several years ago.

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But since 2020, a new app is based on authenticity , and therefore overshadows TikTok. This is the French social network BeReal .

Facing BeReal, TikTok launches 'Now' feature

If BeReal innovates, it is because it limits artifice and favors spontaneity users. Thus, they have a limited time to post and access their friends' posts. Compared to TikTok, this represents a constraint, but also a certain freshness . Moreover, this new concept is added to a technical singularity.

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Indeed, BeReal allows you to photograph using the two sensors of your smartphone. This means that your device captures the image from the front (selfie mode) and from the back (like a conventional camera). You therefore obtain a publication which superimposes your image, and that of what surrounds you at the moment T. You cannot stage your reality as it is done on TikTok.

Under these conditions, difficult to cheat. And this operation is very popular with users . Thereby, BeReal overtook TikTok this summer , on the number of downloads. Faced with this newcomer, the Chinese social network was quick to react.

TikTok has thus launched TikTok Now, and will test this function with users in the coming weeks. According to the communicated September 15, this new feature will be integrated into the app in the United States. In other countries, it may require l’installation d’ an application apart to function. Either way, users will receive a notification, telling them how much time they have left to post with their friends.

TikTok has also thought about user safety and their privacy . For the youngest, here are the precautions which will be in effect:

  • Those under 16 will have their accounts remain private and not public
  • People under 18 will not be able to share their content in the public news feed ( Explore ).
  • Children under 15 will not be able to receive comments or d’interactions outside of their friends lists.