Here's how to control your energy consumption with the Linky meter!

modified: 2022-09-22 22:30:01

“We are not in Versailles here! '. This means that we must reduce energy consumption. What to do with a Linky meter?

  Linky meter

With inflation and soaring prices, the expenses of a French household are increasing more and more. Side energy , we try to implement all possible means in order to pay less. For example, the lights should not be left on for nothing. The use of energy-intensive appliances should also be limited. In this context, the use of the Enedis application with the Linky meter is very useful.

Linky meter: Consumption monitoring is now possible

The consumption in energy is one of the causes that soars the loads of a fireplace. Furthermore, with the increase in the price of energy , the amount to be paid becomes more and more enormous.

Nevertheless, the use of a Linky meter can be a great help for a household. The Enedis application allows you to track your electricity consumption in order to determine expenses.

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According to the survey conducted by Enedis, administrator of the distribution energy in France, the majority of French people currently use a Linky meter. Certainly, controversies are relayed in the media.

But also, people using this meter benefit from many advantages . The most important thing is to monitor the demand for electricity with a view to reducing consumption .

What if the household does not want to use this meter?

Theoretically, refusing the installation of a Linky meter is practically impossible. Indeed, the true owner of your meter is the State.

This is done through the communities of communes and the communities territorial. And it is the latter that give ELD or Enedis meter maintenance and operation. They can therefore modify them according to their needs.

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There is, however, an exception. This is when the meter is installed in your private property. You do need your consent before entering.

In addition, according to the Energy Transition, the French must allow Enedis to access the meters. L’installation of a Linky meter is thus unavoidable. Besides, why avoid it if it is beneficial for the household?

Linky meter: How does the Enedis application work?

It is possible to follow the consumption by consulting the data on the Web. However, using a smartphone is by far the best option. You can download the application on Google Play store if you are using Android.

Or on the Apple App Store if you use a device iOS or an iPhone. You can then consult the consumption data of your Linky meter even if you have not yet activated your account.

Additionally, you may notice a consumption higher during weekends and the winter season. The reason is that it is colder. It takes more energy to heat the house.

As for the weekends, this is explained by the fact that the members of the family are all, generally, at home. The devices that consume a lot of energy is also used more at the end of the week. So the consumption goes up.