Here's why you should never store your knives in a drawer with other cutlery!

modified: 2022-09-14 16:05:03

Your kitchen knives should not be stored just anywhere in your home. Follow this tip to store them properly!


We know how much you care put your house in order . It is for you a guarantee of serenity and happiness in your life! You arrange all your belongings so that you no longer see them dragged everywhere. In your habits daily, you often store all your cutlery in the same drawer to better classify them. Gold, the knives are not in their place ! This is the perfect trick to arrange them in your kitchen.

Tip: Do not mix your knives with other cutlery!

Sometimes they come to us from put our knives in a drawer in the kitchen . Among other things, it is the same storage box where we put our spoons and forks. Thus, we believe not to misplace them unnecessarily. Note that this is a tool indispensable .

At every moment of the day, there will come the moment when we will need his services. However, putting them with other accessories from the kitchen is far from a good idea . Follow this tip to discover the reasons !

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To keep them permanently, you must protect them from any friction with other objects. The blades of the knives are very sensitive and very fragile. If you often subject them to such friction, its quality risk to be impacted.

This applies to the different types of knives whether chef's, bread or ham knives! According to this trick, less sharp knives will no longer be of any use to you in the kitchen. Therefore, avoid contact with your other tools !

How to keep your knives always sharp?

Of course, we are aware that it is easier for you to put them with the cutlery after the dishes. This saves you wasting time on storage! But this bad behaviour is not without consequences.

The combination of shocks received by the blades of the knives gradually contribute to the deterioration of its sharpening . How to both protect them and put them in a safe place? We tell you everything in this tip !

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First, think about place your knives in a place that is safe from any friction with other objects . Where ? It may be less obvious to find such a location in the cuisine . What we offer you is to create one!

If the size of your home allows it, incorporate a kitchen knife block. In this way, you can use it to solve the problem . At worst, innovate your interior by making your own magnetic bar to hang them. How ? Thanks to an online tip!

Tip: The best advice to follow for the maintenance of your knives!

Like all your wonders in the kitchen, the knives are also pampered . If their blade ends up giving way over time, you will have no choice but to buy some at new .

According to this trick, there are certain guidelines to follow to preserve them. Apart from being stored in the drawer, it is imperative that they are always cleaned by hand .

So, to forget the idea of ​​doing your dishes with a machine. When you have time, sharpen them more often . This is also a guarantee of its durability.

In this way, you will be at peace knowing that your knives are tidy . In addition, they will still serve you for a good bit of time !