Hoka One One Mach 4 Running Shoe Review and Wear Test

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  • The Hoka One One Mach 4 is a running shoe created for long training runs and quick sessions alike, with springy foam and a distinct prolonged heel shape.
  • The Mach 4 utilizes a few of the elements of Hoka One One’s high efficiency designs, without the tech includes that would make them unattainable to more casual runners.
  • The shoes look damn excellent, too, and great deals of individuals observed them throughout the screening procedure.

    JUST ABOUT EVERY TIME I get a brand-new set of shoes to use test for an evaluation, I take an image to share them on my Instagram Story.

    This takes place on a relatively constant basis. I’ve run in almost every brand name under the sun by now– I have lots of ideas about all way of shoes patterns, do not make the error of asking me anything about shoes– so when my fans react especially well to a particular set, I take notification. That’s what took place when I published a fresh shot of Hoka One One’s newest roadway shoe, the Mach 4. A couple of individuals right away strike me with the response, and others hopped into my DMs to state they liked the appearance or to ask how the shoes carry out on the roadway.

    At that point, I didn’t have a response the that question. Now, after a half-dozen training sessions around my common courses, I can state this: the Mach 4 runs simply as excellent as it looks.

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    Hoka One One Mach 4

    Hoka One One
    Hoka One One

    $ 130.00.

    The Mach 4 is placed as a workhorse shoe that you can use for every single kind of run, with a mix of foams for a springy, comfy trip. The shoes are stealthily light once you put them on, and the mesh upper offers an excellent lockdown, preventing the exceedingly elastic risk of utilizing knit uppers in efficiency running shoes.

    I evaluated the tidy “Blue Fog/Fiesta” colorway, which look more like a crisp grey and crimson IRL, a downplayed option to the extremely garish neon runners that the good news is appear to be phasing out of style.

    The Mach 4 Is All in the Heel

    hoka one one mach 4

    Jeffrey Westbrook

    If you’re familiar with Hoka’s other designs, you’ll see some familiar style elements in the Mach 4: the generous foam stack, the subtle rocker shape, and, the majority of tellingly, the prolonged heel, which is appearing in more of the brand name’s kicks recently.

    This protrusion isn’t as significant as the Clifton Edge (which I enjoy) or, the good news is, the downhill trail-focused TenNine (which I believed was a trick when the massive-soled monstrosities showed up at my desk to test), however the Mach 4’s heel is a declaration. The building and construction, which is indicated to assist alleviate the effect of the foot striking the ground and ravel the heel-to-toe shift of each action, isn’t simply a novelty or a tech-spec indicated for the high-performance designs (the Carbon X2 likewise includes a discreetly extended heel to the style); Hoka is making this shape among its basic functions, like the signature maximalist foam stacks that initially made the business well-known with runners.

    When you put the shoes on the roadway, the Mach 4’s extended heel seems like it’s more than simply a style style. I have a relatively traditional stride, and I seem like the sole’s shape enables me to strike a groove in my run and stick in it without much mindful effort aside from getting my foot for the next action. The experience isn’t completely different to the zone I enter when I use a set of carbon plate shoes, particularly Hoka’s Carbon X2 offered their shared style specifications. Carbon plate runners are particularly developed to move you forward and preserve your perfect gait with very little energy expense.

    The Mach 4’s trip offers a terrific balance, one that I explained to a buddy as being springy and soft, however not too soft that I seemed like my foot was sinking into the roadway or too propulsive that I felt out of control.

    hoka one one mach 4

    The Mach 4 for Everyone

    Jeffrey Westbrook

    Speaking of the Carbon X2– the Mach 4 appears like a somewhat pared down variation of Hoka’s latest race shoes, minus the carbon plates and a little bit of foam stack. The business clearly calls this out in the Mach 4 item description (” developed on styles motivated by the Rocket X and Carbon X” is the main line), so it’s not illogical to consider the Mach 4 as the top-level training shoe indicated to be coupled with the Carbon X2’s race day incredibly shoe. Brooks, Nike, and Saucony all have comparable hierarchies within their running shoe lines, so it makes good sense that Hoka is doing the same with a numerous shoe option to your next PR.

    But for me, the Mach 4 feels more flexible than any of the previously mentioned extremely tuned training designs, and even a carbon plate shoe. The level of convenience simply walking using them becomes part of that, while the appealing appearance is another element. I laced the Mach 4 up for a casual outside event coupled with corduroys and a Pendleton sweatshirt and got several remarks about the kicks, once again unexpected me at just how much individuals are drawn to them.

    Click here I would never ever use a carbon plate shoe beyond a high speed training session or race day– in part since they do not constantly feel excellent walking, in part since of their restricted life-spans, and in part since they simply do not look excellent with anything however activewear– so chalk up a way of life indicate the Mach 4.

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    This variety makes the Mach 4 a terrific entry for casual runners aiming to up their video game, particularly if they’re not all set to have a shoe entirely devoted to training. Carbon plate shoes are an action up indicated for severe professional athletes and a huge financial investment, cost-wise; I tend to consider them as pro-level tools instead of a style device. With the Mach 4, you get a few of the style hints that have actually made those shoes a should for severe runners, without the high level specifications that make them unattainable for the layperson and unwearable beyond training. They cost a bit less, too, which everybody can value.

    Overall, the Mach 4 stick out as a sturdily trustworthy runner that you can endure the roadway or with your preferred clothing. You’ll turn heads in both settings, and your feet will feel excellent when you do it.

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