Home-to-work transport: the aid available to you during this year 2023

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Transport is getting more and more expensive these days. Whether it's refueling or taking the train...

  Home-to-work transport: the aid available to you during this year 2023

Inflation has not spared our mobility . However, to do your shopping as well as to get to work, transport remains essential. And nowadays, there are many alternatives to get around . Depending on your situation or your place of residence, some are still more practical than others. So if you live in the countryside, the car plays an essential role . But city dwellers can also consider cycling or take out a subscription to public transport . That said, all of these options come at a cost. Also, the government is offering various nudges, to help you finance your trips .

Employers and sustainable mobility

For encourage employees to adopt alternative means of transport , the State is offering companies the option of switching to the sustainable mobility package. The goal? Reward those who make their home-work journeys by bicycle, scooter, in public transport or via covoiturage .

Besides, its amount remains relatively interesting . 'Up to 700 euros per year and per employee (including a maximum of 400 euros for fuel costs) and up to 800 euros, if combined with a public transport subscription. » And this amount remains 100% tax-exempt .

Only problem ? This help does not work as a right . It therefore depends on the goodwill of the employer. If yours agrees to set it up, you will have to justify your trips.

Support for public transport season tickets

Whereas the Navigo pass reaches 90 euros in Île-de-France , here is a help that seems more useful than ever. Indeed, employers have a legal obligation to finance 50% of the transport subscriptions of their employees .

Nevertheless, according to public service website , they can also offer you even more. » For the years 2022 and 2023, the employer can reimburse up to 75% of the cost of the subscription to public transport (metro, train, tram, public bicycle rental services) to its employees, i.e. + 25% compared to the mandatory legal rate, set at 50%. »

Good news: you don't have no taxes to pay on this boost . But again, your employer does not have to go that far. He can thus very well stick to the legal obligation, fixed at 50% of your transport card .

Request your fuel voucher from January 16, 2023

In France, the public transport network does not serve all municipalities . Far from there. Millions of French people therefore need their car, in particular to travel between their home and their professional activities . The Prime Minister, Elisabeth Borne, presented this exceptional aid last December. ' This represents a discount of around 10 cents per liter if you do 12,000 km per year, the average of what the French do in one year. »

In effect, this check replaces the fuel rebate , which ended in December 2022. This system makes it possible to directly target the 10 million poorest French people. It reduces the transport budget. That said, it only concerns people who work . “It is a very simple device, you go to the tax site, you enter your tax number, your license plate. A sworn statement saying that you need your car to go to work and you will receive 100 euros directly in your bank account. »

According to Bruno Le Maire, the French will be able to file their request on the tax site , from January 16 to February 28, 2023. In addition, the fuel voucher remains individual. This means that two adults living in the same tax household may qualify. For a couple, this transport aid can therefore reach 200 euros.

Transports : the prime covoiturage

Re CO2 emissions , sharing your journeys on the road can have a real impact. Ecological and economical, this solution has been very successful for a good ten years. Thus, the French have become accustomed to use this solution when they need to move.

And for good reason, the price of transport , and in particular of the train, has not stopped climbing lately. In this context, carpooling looks like a win-win system. Passengers pay less, and the driver can make his fuel profitable or its toll charges.

To encourage group trips, the he government has thus launched la prime covoiturage . It is intended for first-time drivers, and can wait 100 euros. 'From January 1, 2023, drivers who engage in short-distance carpooling will receive a bonus of €100, via carpooling platforms, in the form of a progressive payment: a first part of the 1st carpool (€25 minimum) and the rest on the 10th carpool, within 3 months of the first carpool. »

The bike bonus

For those who suffocate on public transport , pedaling can be a great solution. However, finding a good bike can quickly get expensive. In this context, the government has put in place aid, in order to incite the French to saddle up . To support a larger number of French people in the purchase of bicycles, the eligibility thresholds will be raised, from this date, to cover 50% of the poorest households (benchmark tax income per unit of less than 14,089 euros, compared to 13,489 euros in 2022) and 20% for enhanced aid (tax income per share lower than 6,358 euros compared to 6,300 euros in 2022.

This bonus also applies to electric bikes . If your journeys lend themselves to it, you can swap the metro for a nice bike ride. Indeed, it has an advantage over transport: it allows you to exercise.

The first Transport

This aid, paid by the employer (according to his good will) can increase up to 700 euros to power electric or hybrid vehicles . If you use fuel, you can get up to 400 euros.

The Ursaff also unveiled news about this device. “In 2022 and 2023, the mandatory payment by the employer of 50% of the cost of public transport season tickets can be combined with the transport bonus. The conditions for being eligible for the transport bonus (for example, being located in an area not served by public transport) are temporarily abolished…”

You now have all the cards in hand to save money on your transportation . Let's hope that these multiple aids will be able to support the French in the crisis that we have been going through in recent months.

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