Honda H’ness CB350: Road Test Review In Images

Right off the bat, something that the Honda H’ness CB350 solves is style. Clearly traditional however with an unique modern-day touch, this is a proportionate and good-looking motorbike.

Sure, the H’ness’ 348.36 cc motor is a long-stroke system on paper, however it stops working to provide an excellent dosage of low rpm grunt. When past the preliminary sluggishness, however, there is a healthy and even spread of torque all the method to the redline.

Gear shifts are smooth and light, and the ratios are rather high. The speedo needle will sweep past 100kmph in 3rd equipment, with 5th and 4th being exceptionally appropriate to highway travelling. These large ratios reduce the frequency with which you require to shuffle through the transmission, both in the city and on the highway.

Like the majority of Hondas, the H’ness is a simple and sweet handling maker, wonderfully masking its 181kg kerb weight. While it is quite simple and easy to guide, the absence of feedback from the front end prevents you from pressing too tough in the twisties.

The simple steering shows to be a true blessing inside the city, where, integrated with a low seat and loads of guiding lock, the H’ness encounters as a workable and friendly motorbike.

One of the highlights of the H’ness is the excellent flight quality provided by the telescopic fork and double shock absorbers. Roadway flaws are flattened wonderfully, and the bike constantly stays made up.

Braking hardware is from Nissin, which discusses why the 310mm/240mm disc brake combination bites tough and feels excellent. ABS is likewise well adjusted and brings the bike to a drop in a drama-free style.

With no Bluetooth headset at our disposal, we could not check out the CB350’s connection choices, however the digital inset is well packed with details, and has excellent legibility.

The stunning style is among just 2 things that are actually old-school about this bike, the other being the sonorous exhaust note. In regards to riding experience, the H’ness seems like a completely modern-day maker.

So if you have your heart set on purchasing a traditional looking motorbike, and you’re not fussed about it sensation traditional, it’s tough to do better than the Honda H’ness CB350. For a more thorough evaluation of the H’ness, have a look at our thorough roadway test.

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