Hoshi: his strong warning message for the president, Emmanuel Macron

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At 26, singer Hoshi is living through hell. Harassed for months, she challenged President Macron.

  Hoshi : son message d'alerte fort à l'intention du président, Emmanuel Macron

Passionate about music from an early age , Hoshi had everything to become a superstar. The general public discovered him thanks to his hits like How will I do, as early as 2017. Unfortunately, notoriety doesn't really look like a fairy tale for the young artist. Thus, for more than two years, the young woman has suffered very intense harassment, on social networks . Indeed, some Internet users allow themselves to insult him, in particular because of his bisexuality or his physique . Determined not to let it go, the singer filed a complaint. But unfortunately for her, the case did not really progress. At the end of my tether, Hoshi therefore chose to contact Emmanuel Macron , to call for help.

Hoshi's Descent into Hell

Despite his talent and popularity , the interpreter of Your sailor been living a real nightmare for more than 3 years. Indeed, Internet users have been targeting her for months. Result ? Every day, Hoshi receives countless hateful and sometimes threatening comments. These harassers accuse him, among other things, of having kissed a woman on her performance at the Music Victories .

But they don't stop at insults on their sexual orientation . Some of them don't hesitate to openly mocking Hoshi's physique . An unhealthy little game to which certain personalities, like Fabien Lecoeuvre , also participated. In 2021, the Europe 1 columnist did not hesitate to make shocking reflections on the airwaves. 'Hoshi is scary, she gives her songs to gorgeous girls!' »

More the messages she receives all day long ended up undermining the health of the young woman. 'Do you see that? Does that shock you? I have received thousands. It has prevented me from living fully for three years (…) I lived through psychological and physical hell: 28 days of RTT. I was scared every time I was attacked, I have never been out on the street alone since. »

The artist says she is disappointed by French justice

Thousands of people have been hounding Hoshi for months. Unfortunately, among all these harassers, only one risks a summons to the police . When the singer heard this news via her lawyer, she felt a lot of sadness and disappointment.

Indeed, the young artist tries to translate people who harass her before the court. But for now, the procedure is dragging on, and not much is happening. Desperate, she therefore took the floor to try to alert public opinion. To illustrate her ordeal, she also shared screenshots of the insults she receives. And she did not hesitate to speak directly to the President of the Republic via Twitter. » I let you identify. Emmanuel Macron and all the people who have to do with our justice. I no longer have the strength... I have a message for the State: save us while there is still time, don't wait for things to end badly before taking an interest in the cases. Justice surely lacks the means, but I have the impression that the state is letting it die. »
Hoshi's followers, meanwhile, did everything to express their support . 'It hurts to read that. Full of courage. »

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