House: the nightmare of a couple whose justice orders the demolition

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In the town of Assérac (Loire-Atlantique), a couple is living a nightmare: barely built, their house must already be demolished.

  House: the nightmare of a couple whose justice orders the demolition

Build a house for his family is one of the big projects of most people . This was the case for Julien and his family. Besides, this dream was about to come true . On September 9, 2021, the construction site of Julien's future house begins in the town of Assérac (Loire-Atlantique).

However, this dream turned into a nightmare , because the house in question, barely built, must be destroyed. A demolition judgment is rendered by the court of Saint-Nazaire on October 20, 2022 . For what ? Who is at fault? In tells you everything in this article.

An untrustworthy builder

Like everyone else, Julien entrusts the construction of his future home to a construction company. On the column of, published on January 31, 2023, the owner declared:

“We had confidence. Atrège had already built a house for us. We learned later that the company had been taken over.

As mentioned above, construction started on September 9, 2021 . Very soon after construction, the future owners are already concerned about the quality of the work . In an article in Independence published on February 1, 2023, Julien said:

“At all stages of construction, there were problems. The trigger happened when we saw the masons building the frame on site! That was too much.'

After seeing this, the couple decided to suspend the construction of their house in January 2022. Atrège is given formal notice to stop the work.

Several disorders, which gives rise to a lack of insurance

After stopping the work, the owners seek expert advice . After analysis, the latter lists several defects and poor workmanship. According to the expert, the total demolition of the house is inevitable. The House does not comply with “seismic standards” .

To try to resume construction and avoid demolition, the builder called on a consulting firm. However, this is in vain, because another problem arises: the delivery guarantee certificate is not compliant . The latter is a document certifying the completion of the work.

The court ordered the destruction of the house

Because of all these problems, an arm wrestling is committed between the couple and the builder . The case is brought to the court of Saint-Nazaire. The latter claims the presence of the two parties in conflict on October 20, 2022 to render his sentence.

Nowadays, the judge declared the contract null and void , due to the insurance problem. The builder is ordered to pay damages for the damage caused. All this seems to the advantage of the owner. Think again, his dream of building a house be transformed into rubber .

In fact, the court also orders the demolition of the house . On the judgment can read:

'The extent of the disorders, from the frame to the foundations and despite the remedial measures recommended by the design office, does not allow us to consider keeping the construction as it is'.

The builder appealed while the owner wants to turn the page

In addition to reimbursing damages, the builder is responsible for financing the costs of destroying the house . He cannot do it himself, but must call on another agency. Because of all this, the Atreggio appealed and requested a stay of execution of the judgment .

The stay was dismissed on December 14, 2022, but the call is in progress . However, until now, the house is still not demolished, and the owners not compensated. In view of the appeal, a new hearing is scheduled for March 14, 2023 .

If the manufacturer still wishes to pursue the business, Julien and his family, disappointed, just want to turn the page . In the news site L'Indépendance, published on February 1, 2023, Julien said:

“We own a house that we cannot demolish, Atrege not paying, and we cannot live in it since it is uninhabitable”

He then added wanting only one thing while asking a question :

' Turn the page. But will we have the financial means and the energy to start a new project? »

Here, even if the owner wishes to turn the page, the case is not closed yet . Stay on our news site for the rest of the story.

Source : Lindependant