Household scenes: David Mora publishes a video of him without a beard, internet users glued

modified: 2023-01-07 16:10:02

The actor of Fabien Scenes of households, David Mora, appeared on television without a beard, the shock!

  Household scenes: David Mora publishes a video of him without a beard, internet users glued

For many years now, M6 viewers have gotten used to seeing David Mora, who plays Fabien in Household Scenes, with a beard. But, before this role, it seems that the latter shaved . So, for the new year, he wanted to post a video. And the latter seems to date from 2010, a time when he still appeared without a beard. And for his subscribers, it seemed like a shock . We'll explaine everything here.

David Mora and Household Scenes

For nearly twelve years now, David Mora joins the Household Scenes series . In the latter, he plays the role of Fabien. A geo-history teacher who is very daddy hen and quite hysterical. A role he shares with his playing partner, Anne-Elisabeth Blateau, who in the series is called Emma . While the husband therefore seems a little fragile, Emma remains a tomboy, passionate about DIY. What create an atypical couple that reverses the stereotypes of the strong man and the fragile woman at home.

But, for all these years, we can always see David Mora always with a beard in Scenes of households. So much so that fans of the show seem to have a hard time imagining it without . But for that, you no longer need to strain your brains. It turns out that the actor was able to publish an ad that dates from 2010 obviously. And in the latter, we see him playing, without a beard . And it did not fail to shock its subscribers who watched this video for the new year.

The shock video

Thus, David Mora was able to post this video on his Instagram account where a good number of his Household Scenes fans are. He puts in description of this video “ Happy New Year 2010!!! ” followed by #sansbarbe and #jamaissansmarousse. And in the comments, it did not fail to jazz . We can read many comments from people who seem shocked to see him without his beard. It must be said that the latter remains quite large usually.

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In the comments, we therefore find fans of Scenes of households who cannot believe it. “ Young and bearded man shaved , it's weird ”, “ damn i love it . I had never seen this ad ”, “ He looks younger ”. But some even seem to rather appreciate it since we can read “ Much better without the beard ”.

But precisely, in this ad, we can see him alongside a woman playing, Davina Vigné. And precisely, since April 1, 2020, they have formalized their relationship. Since then, the couple has been able to expect a child and welcome a one-year-old girl. On the other hand, on the first name of the little one, the parents did not wish to communicate. Thus, they have a blended family together since Davina Vigné already had a son who now seems to be in college. . Like what for David Mora, fiction catches up with reality, because he sees himself sharing his life and a little girl with a red-haired woman rich in humor!

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