Household scenes: the flagship couple Raymond and Huguette soon to be set aside by newcomers?

modified: 2023-01-25 19:04:02

There are rumors that Raymond and Huguette from the series 'Scenes of Households' will be replaced by a new couple.

  Household scenes: the flagship couple Raymond and Huguette soon to be set aside by newcomers?

Once again, on January 23, 2023, the cult series of M6 “Household Scenes” will welcome a new couple . The latter will join the six couples, who delight viewers every day. But hardly the newcomers integrate the band that rumors run like what Raymond and Huguette will be replaced . Find out all the details in this article.

“Household scenes”: a new couple arrives

The duo of Fanny Cottençon and comedian Didier Bénureau will join the cast of “Household Scenes” from the end of January 2023. They will now be part of the other actors in the series, which has continued to grow in recent years .

But what are the roles that Fanny and Didier Bénureau will play in 'Household Scenes'? According to reports, the actress Fanny Cottençon will play Christine , an attractive gentrified sixty-year-old. While Didier Bénureau will play the role of his new companion , a clumsy and somewhat stingy retired worker.

This duo will surely bring a breath of fresh air to the series which had just celebrated its 13th anniversary. For comedian Didier Bénureau, the crush with his character was immediate .

“Gilbert can be stupid, and me, it amuses me so much… Christine is more delicate, more bobo. He doesn't understand everything, but he is quite touching. This character spoke to me a lot, it was quite easy to immerse myself in it, ”he confessed.

As for her duo, she confessed, saying:

“It was not immediate. It happened over time... I liked the basic idea, I like Christine's fantasy. She is tired of propriety, of always behaving well, especially with men, because she has had quite a few in her life... She wants to get rid of all that. But they will continue to evolve. »

Fanny Cottençon had already participated in 'Household scenes'

You should know that Fanny Cottençon had already appeared in a prime-time of 'Household Scenes' . This took place in the evening 'Finally in the mountains! '. The actress embodied the character of Agnès, wife of Christian, a wealthy real estate developer played by Thierry Lhermitte. Viewers will then once again see it, and this time it will be for a long time.

As a reminder, the future actress of 'Household Scenes' is an actress who has had a string of successes . First actress to declaim 'The Vagina Monologues', in 2000, she is rewarded with a Molière for the actress for “We will never lie to each other! »

Subsequently, at the cinema, the public finds her in 'The Day of the Frog' (2011), “Two hours from Paris” (2017), “Online Billie” (2019), as well as in “Les Pieds dans le plat” (2012), “Dad or mom” (2018) and “Fugueuse” ( 2021), on the small screen.

Above all a theater actress, she plays in 'Petits crimes conjugaux' (2016), 'Pleins Feux' (2017) or 'Provided he is happy' (2019). And it is now in 'Household Scenes' that she will spend happy days, where e She plays a couple alongside Didier Bénureau .

Huguette and Raymond, soon the end?

Viewers are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new couple. However, they also fear that Huguette and Raymond will leave the “Scenes of Households” series. Because, it turns out the iconic couple are going to be replaced .

Rest assured, the lovebirds still have episodes to shoot. M6 also wanted to clear things up saying :

' No way. All couples of Scenes of Households exist by themselves. The series launched in 2009 with three couples. There are seven today and no one has replaced anyone. »

If there is no question of seeing a couple disappear, mathematically, they will inevitably appear less on the air . Present since the launch of the series in 2009, Raymond and Huguette have been playing their role for years. They (with Liliane and José) first made room for Emma and Fabien, then for Camille and Philippe, Leslie and Léo and Louise and Jalil, who were the youngest until the arrival of Christine and Gilbert , the pretty bourgeois and the retiree from the construction industry close to his money. It will not be for soon when they will leave 'Scenes of households'. Either way, fans hope so.

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