How to Do the Seated Dumbbell Overhead Press Shoulders Exercise

When it comes time to develop your upper body, there are a couple of reliable strength training relocates to pick. The seated dumbbell shoulder press is a popular upper body workout for lifters of all levels. Dumbbell shoulder press variations are amongst the most typical relocations fitness instructors consist of in programs when it comes to constructing more powerful and larger delts (anterior and lateral) and upper traps.

In this guide, we’re going to break down the seated dumbbell shoulder press and talk about how to utilize the workout more tactically when we wish to concentrate on constructing a more powerful upper body. We’ll likewise cover the very best seated dumbbell shoulder press suggestions to think about and most typical errors you ought to prevent.

Before getting going, you’ll require a weight bench and dumbbells. Establish the bench to its leading position, so that the pad and seat form a 90 degree angle. You can likewise carry out the workout without a slope bench– simply be all set to put an additional concentrate on bracing your upper body to preserve a safe position as you raise.

How to Do Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Presses

When carrying out seated dumbbell shoulder presses, I like to bucket how I’m performing associates into my objectives at hand. For strength particularly, those pails, or points of focus, consist of establishing strength and showing strength.

When it pertains to establishing strength, I’m a bit more conscious of placing, series of movement, and the general effectiveness of every representative’s execution. Showing strength consists of self-organizing the body in a position to produce associates that match the strengths being utilized.

For the seated dumbbell shoulder press, we’re going to utilize a method that restricts upper body extension to guarantee we’re keeping the most amount of stress possible on the vertical pushing muscles.

1. Perfect the Setup

Grab your dumbbells and kick them up (utilize your knees to assist you to prop the weights as much as carry height). I choose to do that a person dumbbell at a time. Develop your setup placing. This involves placing the upper body for the objectives at hand (advancement of strength) and guaranteeing we’re producing some stress in the legs, feet, and hips so we have a company base to push from and can lever the seat’s stability to its max capacity.

2. Develop Bottom Position

Once you’ve kicked your dumbbells up and you’ve developed a steady and constant base, you’ll then develop where you’ll be ending each representative in the eccentric (reducing motion pattern). This is necessary as it will assist us to be cognizant of constant representative efficiency and develop beginning strength mechanics for vertical pushing.

3. Press, “Lockout”, and Mind the Torso

Based on the weight you’re utilizing and your setup, it’s now time to brace appropriately for the job at hand and press. I state appropriately since we require to adjust fluid bracing methods that feed into what we’re attempting to achieve, which in this case is the advancement of vertical pushing strength.

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At lockout, if the objective is the advancement of strength and hypertrophy, it can be beneficial to carry out a softer lockout– to put it simply, do not absolutely lock your elbows at the top of journalism. This will keep stress on the upper body muscles and restrict the prospective to clank dumbbells overhead. I like the hint, “bring the delts and biceps to the ears,”– and utilizing that, hint the vertical pushing movement while stopping shy of complete elbow extension.

When it pertains to upper body positioning, I like to coach a light level of contact with the bench (if you’re utilizing a slope bench setup) to permit the scapulas to more with more ease throughout journalism. We likewise wish to restrict upper body extension to keep our concentrate on the vertical pushing muscles– so keeping light contact with a bulk of the upper body is a good hint to utilize and check out.


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The Muscles You Work With the Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press

There are several muscles operated in the seated dumbbell overhead press, and numerous muscles will modify their activity based upon the technique we embrace when performing this workout. When we’re carrying out a press with less upper body extension, the following muscles will be targeted:

  • Anterior Delts
  • Lateral Delts
  • Upper Trapezius
  • Triceps

    These are not the only muscles at play, however they’re the prime movers. The more we extend the upper body to press, we’ll move the focus of these muscle’s work somewhat and have more participation from muscles like the pec significant (clavicular head more particularly).

    Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press Tips

    I have 2 main suggestions that I like to bear in mind with the seated dumbbell shoulder press.

    Tip 1: Define Your Goals

    Define your objectives and comprehend how to embrace various methods based upon what you’re attempting to accomplish. This would indicate moving motion mechanics for particular functions and adjustments such as extending more for more optimum screens of strength versus keeping a more stiff type for establishing strength.

    On top of that, you might modify mechanics with the objective of producing more stress on the upper body muscles if your objectives are hypertrophy-focused.

    Tip 2: Mindful Positioning

    We talked about in the how-to, however I believe it can be actually beneficial to take notice of just how much pressure you’re using to the bench in order to produce reps. If you’re driving hard into the bench with the upper back, then you’re most likely extending more than meant, or removing work from a few of the upper body muscles accountable for fluid vertical presses.

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    When individuals carry out the seated dumbbell shoulder presses,

    Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press Mistakes

    I frequently see 2 significant errors in the health club.

    Mistake 1: Inconsistent Reps

    Inconsistent associates can shake off our pushing course and fluidity when performing numerous sets. This might appear like speeds that differ throughout every lowering and pushing part of the motion, or being irregular with where we’re stopping presses at the bottom. To repair this, just video yourself and see where disparities happen.

    Mistake 2: Clinking Dumbbells Together

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There is no factor to clink the dumbbell heads together overhead when you do seated dumbbell shoulder presses. When you shift from the pushing to the reducing part, all this is going to do is toss off your mechanics at the top of the motion.(*)
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