Hugo Lloris: the goalkeeper of the French team cracks in Téléfoot in the face of the tributes of his relatives

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Recently, Hugo Lloris spoke in a long interview with Téléfoot, following the announcement of his international retirement.

  Hugo Lloris : the guardian of him'Équipe de France craque dans Téléfoot face aux hommages de ses proches

This Sunday, January 15, 2023, the goalkeeper and captain was in an emotional mood . After the posts bruises , Hugo Lloris, moved to tears, spoke more than poignant words . We take stock in this article.

Hugo Lloris takes his portrait

During the entire period of the 2022 World Cup, from November 20 to December 18, the Blues entertained us . Despite a defeat on penalties, the French team gave the world a legendary match .

Yes Kylian Mbappe particularly shone thanks to his hat-trick , Hugo Lloris was not left out either. Moreover, speaking of the captain and goalkeeper, he announced his retirement . And this, only a few weeks after the World Cup.

Speaking about it in the newspaper l'Équipe, the international said:

“There comes a time when you have to know how to pass the hand. I don't want to make it my own, I've always said and repeated that the France team doesn't belong to anyone, and we all have to make sure that's the case, me first. I think that behind the team is ready to continue, there is also a goalkeeper who is ready. »

Why does the 36-year-old did he make the decision to retire when he is still in top form? Marine Lloris' husband discussed the reason for his retirement in the same interview .

“I prefer to go out being at the top than to wait for a drop in speed, or too much competition. There is also a family choice, I feel the need to spend more time with my wife and my children, ”explained Hugo Lloris.

Hugo Lloris moved to tears

A few days after this interview, Téléfoot releases an exclusive portrait of the athlete . It was January 15, 2023. For the occasion, Hugo Lloris had, among other things, received messages from his teammates, his coach, his father, Luc.

“Dear Hugo, a few words to thank you and express all the joy we had in following you on your journey. We are so proud of you. We thank you and it's not over, ”addressed the player's dad to him.

words that undoubtedly touched the footballer . The proof, Hugo Lloris has, on several occasions, shed a few tears. A emotion all the more reinforced by the effect of surprise .

“You managed to get my dad to talk,” he exclaimed.

This before explaining:

“I grew up through modesty. This is what characterizes a little our family. Behind the success of a man, of an athlete, there are important people behind. Somehow, my father has always been a source of inspiration (…) When we play, we also represent these people. I feel the need vis-à-vis my family, my wife, my children, my father, my brother, my sister, my grandmother, to spend a little more time with them. »

The portrait does not stop at the testimony of his father. Indeed, his teammates, Paul Pogba or Olivier Giroud, also have a few tender words for him . In larmes, Hugo Lloris at the end to say:

'Okay, let's take a break'

Who will be the new captain?

The portrait of Hugo Lloris marks a new chapter for the Blues . For good reason, the question of the captaincy arises. Which player will wear the captain's armband ? For the moment, two names come back.

You probably guessed it, they are Raphaël Varane and Kylian Mbappé . If the two are approached, it is because the first is the current vice-captain and the second has already worn the armband several times .

Moreover, Hugo Lloris recognizes him during his interview with Téléfoot . Asked about his potential successor, the goalkeeper made unequivocal remarks. Without missing the opportunity to compliment Kylian Mbappe .

“A player like Raphaël Varane can claim this captaincy. There is a player who is gaining momentum at all levels, on the pitch, off the pitch and even in the life of the group and the locker room, it is Kylian Mbappé. He started to take on a new role within the team and I think we need that in a collective, in a team. Here, whatever the choice, we will be fully behind, ”said Hugo Lloris.

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