Hugo Manos and Laurent Ruquier: 'A new happiness' the couple presents their new companion

modified: 2023-02-15 18:17:02

Hugo Manos and Laurent Ruquier introduced a new member of their family on social networks. They have a new life partner.

  Hugo Manos and Laurent Ruquier :"Un nouveau bonheur" le couple présente leur nouveau compagnon

Hugo Manos and Laurent Ruquier are thrilled . their little family expanded again after the arrival of Tigane , their new pet. We give you all the details.

Laurent and Hugo welcome Tigane

Less than a month after the departure of the former, Hugo and Laurent welcomed a new pet . A beautiful little dog they called Tigane and that fills them with happiness .

Happy to welcome the little animal, Hugo Manos expressed his joy to his Instagram followers . In a touching video he published, the columnist showed her little dog looking its best .

“Welcome to the Tigane family,” he captioned.

Like Hugo Manos, Laurent Ruquier has also welcomed Tigane . Not content with raising a pet again, the animator shared a series of photos showing the small-being .

“Neuneu is unfortunately no longer there. But he left all his good vibes, and his toys to Tigane, 3 months old who just arrived home. A new Happiness, ”posted the presenter.

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The photo shared by Laurent Ruquier did not fail to make Internet users react . No sooner were the pictures published than the endearing messages began to rain.

“So cute, lots of kisses from Mauritius”, “Welcome Tigane! Can’t wait for you to be hugged”, “How happy I am”, can we read in the comment section.

Everything suggests that the arrival of Tigane will sublimate the daily life of Hugo Manos and Laurent Ruquier . For information, the last little dog that they adopted died a few weeks earlier . It was Laurent Ruquier who shared the bad news on January 28 on his Instagram.

“Neuneu has left us. He had been in poor health for more than three months (…) I am sad but I will do like him, be happy until the end because life is beautiful, ”he posted.

Hugo Manos confides in his son couple

Hugo Manos and Laurent Ruquier met about five years ago on Instagram . As told by the columnist of TPMP People, the current immediately passed between the two of them. One thing leading to another they ended up meeting . And there, the thunderbolt takes place.

Durant are interviewed in « Chez Jordan » in May 2022. Hugo Manos returned to his meeting with Laurent . In great detail, the columnist revealed the first exchanges he had with his current companion .

“He sent me a message on Instagram to ask me for more information on the practice of electro-stimulation, since I have sports centers (…) We discussed about that. I think he spotted the beast. It was a way to get in touch, ”said Hugo Manos.

Their first meeting allowed Hugo Manos and Laurent Ruquier to find several points in common . This was the starting point of an idyll which has been going on for five years now .

“I would not be good with someone my age”

Hugo Manos says he is delighted to be with Laurent Ruquier. Asked about the big age gap between him and his companion, the columnist was very clear. For him, It has no importance .

As he explained, the fact that Laurent Ruquier being 26 years his senior does not cause him any problem . The fact is that, despite this big gap, the couple get along well . Which, for the columnist, is what matters most.

“The first moments together didn’t make me feel any lag. It was perhaps this singularity that made me want to build something,” he said.

Hugo Manos l'assure, il prefer to be with someone older than him . As he is used to meeting older people, he knows perfectly well how to communicate with them. Besides, he quickly found his place within the circle of friends of his companion.

“I would not be good with someone my age (…) I blend in everywhere. And most of the people I meet are older than me (…) I am an old man in a young body, ”he said.

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