Hugues Aufray: “Enough!” Singer comes out of silence and denies rumors about his health

modified: 2023-01-17 20:19:02

Lately, the craziest rumors have been circulating about the state of health of Hugues Aufray. But the one wants to deny

  Hugues Aufray: “Enough!” Singer comes out of silence and denies rumors about his health

For people, gossip sometimes deal with rather cruel details. Thus, recently the singer Hugues Aufray saw strange rumors flourishing on his account. According to some netizens, his health seems more and more compromised. However, at 93, the artist wanted to speak up for reassure his public and his relatives . On Instagram, he therefore published a video to set things straight. In effect, this false information ended up getting on the nerves of the star .

A prestigious career

Author, composer, performer , Hugues Aufray rose to fame in 1961, with the title Santiano. This talented singer is an integral part of the yéyé generation. He even had the opportunity to sing a duet with Bob Dylan , after having known him in Greenwich village. 'It's an indescribable memory, I felt purely instinctively that it was the most important thing I had seen in my life when I didn't understand a word of English. »

Throughout his long life, he never gave up on music . Moreover, Hugues Aufray has released about fifteen vinyls, and even more CDs. In 2014, we could even find him on the poster of Avis Mistral, a film by Rose Bosch . However, with advancing age, some believe that the singer should no longer have many years ahead of him. As cynical as it may sound, false rumors are circulating about the star . They evoke his fragile health, and suggest an imminent death. A revolting situation for the artist.

Hugues Aufray denies these lies

For this folk singer, this information remains perfectly inaccurate. Thus, he no longer wants to allow the slightest doubt concerning his health . And to dispel all this gossip, Hugues Aufray did not hesitate to use his social networks.

The nonagenarian therefore decided to contact his followers on Instagram . “It seems that on Youtube, a rascal is having fun talking nonsense about me. » If this approach makes you smile, Hugues Aufray denounces a rather sad situation, and quite stressful for those around him. Frankly, that's enough. It's not funny, it worries my friends. »

The purpose of this video posted on Instagram? 'Shut up the gossip of the gossip press!' » To do put an end to all these noises , Hugues Aufray therefore declared ' Everything is fine ' . Indeed, the singer currently lives in Essone, in a house with a garden in Marly-le-roi. And her life is not lonely. Indeed, he lives with his cats, but also his partner Murielle. A peaceful daily life far from torment imaginary diseases that some attribute to him.

Nevertheless, if this unfounded rumor was able to take, it is because Hugues Aufray has suffered from an injury lately. This little problem at the level of the wrist has thus forced the singer to cancel his tour, in the month of December 2022. However, the vital prognosis of the artist still seems out of danger. So far, he just doesn't have the possibility of playing the guitar for the moment.

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