Hypersensitive: these signs that show that you are

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Lately, the adjective 'hypersensitive' comes up very often. But what does this qualifier really mean?

  Hypersensitive: these signs that show you are'êtes

On January 13, was held world hypersensitivity day . This peculiarity affects some people, and concerns the way they experience their emotions. It is not necessarily a mental disorder or illness. But rather a condition, which it is better to understand to make it an advantage. How do you know if you are hypersensitive? What signs should alert you? Learn to detect the signs that matter . In effect, many people are unaware of hypersensitivity . We take stock right away.

Hypersensitive: a term to be used with caution

If everyone knows what goes through their own head, not everyone can become a psychiatrist . This subject should therefore be approached with some caution. A very sensitive person, does not necessarily present a hypersensitive personality .

Clinically, it This condition also refers to different diagnoses , such as hyperemotivity. In case of doubt, or of daily difficulties, it is better to turn to a professional health. Indeed, self-diagnosis can be rather risky. According to the Dr Nicolas Neveux , specializing in psychiatry, so be wary of buzzwords. Not everyone can describe themselves as hypersensitive . “We use the term hypersensitivity very often, in different contexts. However, the concepts to which it corresponds are not always clearly defined. As a result, many hypersensitive people are not recognized in their suffering. »

Signs that should alert you

However, in commonly accepted definitions, a hypersensitive person often combines these signs :

  • rester's sensation at odds with the rest of the world
  • The tendency to ruminate on emotions, or past events.
  • Hyper-empathy. This means that a hypersensitive will always pay more attention to others , rather than to itself.
  • The need for affection
  • Lack of competitive spirit
  • The fear of conflict
  • Tendency to laugh or to cry , at a much higher than average frequency.
  • The need to self-isolate regularly.

In everyday life, this translates as the feeling of going against the current . Or the feeling of having an unsuitable personality in relation to the rest of society, according to the philosopher Frédéric Midal. The hypersensitive have the feeling of being on the highway in the opposite direction. »

How to recognize a hypersensitive child?

Questioned by our colleagues from TF1, the psychanalysts Saverio Tomasella estimate that children can also have this feature . “All children are born sensitive, it is characteristic of human beings. » But for a hypersensitive young person, adapting to a society in which competition and individualism represent the norm, can be difficult. However, this is not necessarily a handicap. 'As adults, they will become more creative and develop a certain artistic flair' .

According to Savério Tomasella, the qualifier hypersensitive is often accompanied by a pejorative connotation . Like a cleaver and the designation of an ugly flaw. Isn't the child qualified as hypersensitive necessarily shy, blushing, skinned alive, angry, susceptible, and more? In reality, highly sensitive children are simply more sensitive than most people. »

According to the psychoanalyst, it is above all necessary to help the hypersensitive child to flourish , accepting its nature, without stigmatizing it. The great risk would be to consider it as a disease and to want to erase all its characteristics as so many symptoms to be eliminated. »

We can thus distinguish a hypersensitive in different ways . Especially his tendency to 'experience your emotions in a more intense and varied way, whether pleasant or painful' . But, this condition can also represent a major asset . Data subjects can count on 'their empathy, their intuition, their creativity, their originality, their strong emotions or their sense of detail'.

People who play a crucial role in our society

If the life of a hypersensitive can sometimes seem difficult, the philosopher Frédéric Midal believes that it can impact the whole of society . They are the ones who, in times of war, or in times of danger, perceive the dangers more quickly than others. In times of peace, they perceive for example that such and such a plant will allow healing, so it is not always comfortable for them, but in the general balance, it is absolutely essential. »

The best thing is still to learn to accept the personality of a hypersensitive , so that he can draw the best virtues from it. What weighs us down is what is designated as a problem. So a piece of advice, you have to play it down at all costs and tell the parents: take your time and tame your child's sensitivity. »

What does the life of a hypersensitive look like?

In relationships with others, these personalities therefore show increased vigilance . There is thus a real loyalty in friendship, but also in love. And thus, increased suffering in the event of ruptures. Recently, TF1 took the trouble to collect testimonials on the subject. Sarah, a hypersensitive young woman , therefore answered questions from journalists. In fact, we are overstimulated all the time. It's as if we were alive. It's as if we were a big mixing board and all the sliders were at maximum, so it's as if all the emotions were increased tenfold. »

In Current wife , Franck, hypersensitive he, too, describes his condition as an asset. I am very sensitive to what rings false in an attitude, starting with mine when I am tempted to play a role in order to be in the ambient tone, during professional meetings, for example. Luckily, I love my job. If I had had to grapple with the vicissitudes of a less tailor-made job, I would have exploded. Despite my need for solitude, I make friendship sacred. »

If you think have a hypersensitive nature , there is no point in hiding it or stifling it. If this situation makes you suffer, do not hesitate to consult a specialist. The goal? Learn to live with your hypersensitivity . But also, to make it an advantage in your everyday life. According to the expert Sophie Clergy e, a hypersensitive must tame these peculiarities. “In-depth work with a therapist will allow him to take charge of himself and develop his strong inner leadership. Then, all sorts of tools can help it find its place. The world needs hypersensitive people: they are courageous, resilient, committed and stand up against injustice. »

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