'I can't fight against': Nathalie Baye victim of a terrible illness, her heartbreaking confidences!

modified: 2022-09-13 16:15:01

For years, Nathalie Baye has suffered from a terrible disease! Recently, she decided to give more details about her situation!

  Nathalie Baye

Nathalie Baye has suffered for many years from a sickness which is still little known today! The woman is far from having the habit of confiding in her private life. But for this time, she has decided to open up a little more since her fans are starting to worry about her state of health! For more details, we give you an appointment in the lines below!

Nathalie Baye, victim of a little-known phobia!

Nathalie Baye is currently 74 years old. Long years of existence during which it has not ceased to fight against its great phobia ! And it would seem, she struggles to get rid of it.

Have you ever heard of what is called the ' claustrophobia »? Well, Laura Smet's mom is a victim! This is usually due to not being able to tolerate confined spaces.

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This constant fear never leaves her when she finds herself in halls quite isolated. Moreover, it should also be noted that this phobia from which Nathalie Baye suffers is inherited from her dad.

The latter was known as Claude Baye. So that means claustrophobia is a disease. hereditary !

His illness makes his life difficult!

Nathalie Baye then admits having difficulty living with this disease. Something that the Journal du Dimanche had also affirmed. In her daily life, the mother of Laura Smet always prefer the stairs rather than the elevator every time she goes to see her psychoanalyst!

As we mentioned above, people suffering from claustrophobia find it difficult to tolerate confined spaces.

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“The cabinet […] that she was going to see in Paris was located beyond the tenth floor of a tower (…) Nathalie went up on foot”, reported the Journal du Dimanche!

Our colleagues also explained that the rooms naked, cars without rear doors as well as MRIs in hospitals are impossible for her. 'I can't fight it... It's irrational,' she even confessed!

Nathalie Baye: 'I've been trying to treat myself for a very long time...'

Of course, Nathalie Baye does not sit idly by in the face of her illness. The 74-year-old woman is indeed trying to treat herself. And it has been for some time now! It would seem that she has found the right path to effectively dealing with her phobia.

Laura Smet's mother currently swears by the benefits of hypnosis sessions that she is following!

'I've been trying to hypnotize myself for a very long time, and it works pretty well “, she had indicated! Before saying more: 'When an elevator is large and glazed, it's fine'. However, it turns out that the fear Nathalie Baye's constant is always present!

So much so that she has the impression of being locked in a vertical coffin. As difficult as this period may seem, we are sure that she will eventually get through it successfully!