Illan Castronovo: 'She broke my life' his secrets about his dark period

modified: 2023-01-19 21:14:03

The trial of Illan Castronovo against Alix Desmoineaux was held on January 18, 2023. On Instagram, the principal concerned confided.

  Illan Castronovo: 'She broke my life' his secrets about his dark period

For some time, Illan Castronovo is at the heart of controversy . Indeed, the young man is the subject of an assault charge. It is the former reality TV candidate Alix Desmoineaux who pointed the finger at him for his alleged actions to many women. Find out the details in this article.

Illan Castronovo: at the end of the roll

It was a blow for Illan Castronovo. The young man was accused of assault by Alix Desmoineaux , a former reality TV contestant. That upset the influencer .

'I cracked, because I have enormous psychological pressure on my shoulders! There, things are starting to get better because I have something new. I had the evidence to exculpate myself, but I was stuck because I was protecting certain people. There is also an ongoing investigation, so I could not say anything, ”confessed the principal concerned by the case.

Following what happened, Illan Castronovo was boycotted from all W9 channel shows . Given the pressures, the young man tried to end his life . He was alone against all, not to mention that the media did not let go .

Even though it was hard, Illan Castronovo nevertheless ended up climbing the slope . Indeed, on December 9, he announced, visibly relieved, on his Instagram account:

“Alix will be tried on January 18, the trial is declared. I had returned to France for that. I've been waiting for a year, I'm more than a month away. I will take the opportunity to visit my family. I'll let you know, I'll explain later. »

Julien Bert, in the same boat?

According to information from Le Parisien, through the prosecutor of the Republic of Blois Charlotte Beluet, it was revealed that a “judicial investigation was opened and entrusted to an investigating judge from Blois (Loir-et-Cher) after two complaints against X for rape in 2018, in which the names of influencers Illan Castronovo and Julien Bert appear” .

The two women involved in the attack were aged 18 and 20 at the time of the incident and would have spent an evening at a disco in Fougères-sur-Bièvres, in the company of Illan Castronovo and Julien Bert.

During this festive evening, the two young women allegedly passed out before being sexually abused of the two reality TV candidates they accuse.

And if the younger of the two 'had his pants down behind Illan Castronovo, who also had his' , the other “had many bruises and his stamp had disappeared” also indicates Le Parisien.

A new case, in which “an examining magistrate in his introductory indictment” was seized by the public prosecutor, who is not likely to arrange the daily life of two young people.

Illan Castronovo : they are procès

As indicated, the trial of Illan Castronovo took place on January 18, 2023. And as always, the young man gave news to his community on his Instagram account .

“Friends I leave the court. It did me a lot of good to be able to talk about it in court, ”he began.

But that's not all ! He also does a revelation about the trial . The one who is nicknamed “charo” confessed:

“I thought she was taking this fight a little more to heart. Because she was the one who created all this, who partly broke my life. So I realize today that in fact, I was all alone in this fight, because she did not even come. They are trying to bring down the procedure by saying that she was not targeting me with her words. »

justifications that seem to leave the young man perplexed . He pursues :

“But I realized one thing is that real life is there, not on social networks. Justice is there. »

'To speak on social networks, you were strong'

Illan Castronovo's speech does not stop there. Indeed, he does not take long to attack Alix Desmoineaux , the candidate who he says is source of his legal problems .

'To speak on social networks, you were strong,' he retorted.

The young man then continued by saying:

“But to come and explain to you before the magistrates… I came alone. But at least I can move on. This story is over. We are in 2023 and I have made the decision to move forward in my real life. Because I repeat, I am not pursued by anything. So it's all behind me. I leave people in their digital lives. I think I took a hell of a slap and the real life is here, not on the networks. »

A great relief for Illan who concluded by stating that “we will have the answer in two months” , regarding the proceedings against Alix.

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