Illegal substances, attempted suicide... Amandine Pellissard miraculously thanks to her son Léo!

modified: 2022-09-21 02:46:01

Amandine Pellissard is back in Large Families. The latter seems to be a victim of depression!

  Amandine Pellissard

The candidate, Amandine Pellissard, from the Large Families program gave her news on the network. A great warm return to the TF1 channel with his XXL family! However, she has received many insults towards cybernauts.

Amandine Pellissard: Her addiction to the consumption of illicit products!

Amandine Pellissard, la vie en rose was just an illusion on the screen of viewers ! This 34-year-old mother has had a pretty painful story off the camera. As we know from Large Families, his smile won over fans of the program.

On the other hand, his story has not been easy to live with for the past few years. This one was a victim of an intimate attack by one of his relatives during his lifetime youth ! A great shock that pushed him to mental depression. And even with regard to this situation, this young mother found only one solution.

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It seems that Amandine Pellissard has sunk into the direct consumption of illicit products . Besides, the latter thought it was the antidote to her problem . Her anxiety therefore led her to attempt suicide. Indeed, his case got even worse following the discovery of this unhealthy life.

In Large Families, the young lady did not want to affirm her situation to viewers. Especially since the critics do not help anything according to his statements. By dint of hiding his pain, his health was almost at risk quite abysmal. What was the real solution to his problem?

Internet users have shared their personal opinions!

Following this difficult circumstance, Amandine Pellissard announced her return to the eyes of viewers. However, the reaction was not good for those who were shocked by his story . Cybernauts have also shared their negative feedback on this point.

Of the insults who were hurtful for the XXL mother! And we can say that the reaction of the fans was not an option from the beginning. However, Amandine Pellissard accepted the reality! Indeed, it is quite a shocking confession for the general public.

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'Six months in prison' for the one who lived through an extreme case! In particular, the 34-year-old mother was charged by the Supreme Court for attempted vol . The latter nevertheless revealed brief explanations concerning the causes of her accusation.

Therefore, this reality almost destroyed his image on the screen. Especially for those who believe in his fairy tale life! Yet his family including his joint , Alexandre, supported him until his legal release.

Amandine Pellissard: A big positive change in her life!

Since the birth of her last child , Amandine Pellissard wanted to get back on the screen. We can say that the joy is finally seen on his face. Similarly, the latter made one of this revelation to his Instagram community.

Among other things, to remedy her problem of depression, this mother also followed some treatments. Currently, his condition appears to be stable according to the latest news. And even, the influencer has decided to return to the door of the program Large families.

Such a great decision to send a great message to the audience of this program! And we all know that his experience was not easy enough to manage! On the other hand, Amandine Pellissard has found her true happiness. She said, 'Leo literally saved my life.' During its interview at Télé Loisirs, the Instagram influencer therefore shared in confession !

And after these many criticisms, Leo's mother did not give up. Especially since his dream is to enjoy the moment of happiness with his family. Indeed, it is one of the most striking stories in the favorite program of the French.