Ilona Smet: the young woman reveals rare photos of her wedding and her baby

modified: 2023-01-04 21:55:02

If usually, Ilona Smet remains rather discreet about her private life, she decided to share photos of her wedding and her child.

  Ilona Smet: the young woman reveals rare photos of her wedding and her baby

Recently, Ilona Smet was able to unveil photos to the general public that were completely new. We can then see her marriage, but also her baby. A gesture that greatly pleased his fans, happy to be able to see more of his private life . It turns out that her post was intended to recap the year 2022, and obviously, it seemed very busy for her. We'll explaine everything here.

Ilona Smet, a busy year

For Ilona Smet, this year 2022 will have had its share of events. Indeed, the young woman has obviously passed many new milestones. She has for example able to say yes to his companion Kamran Ahmed . But the pioneer's granddaughter was also able to give birth to her first child . And these two moments, she wanted to immortalize them in photos and share them on her account.

Thus, Ilona Smet, the 27-year-old model, was able to make a summary video of this year. And the latter seemed to please its subscribers a lot. In just a few hours, the young mother has collected more than 6,000 likes for this video and many comments. . In the latter, her fans do not fail to wish her a very happy new year to her and her little family, which seems to be swimming in happiness. In any case, even if she remains quite discreet, she knows how to maintain a good relationship with her fans.

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Great discretion

Indeed, Ilona Smet does not seem the type to spread all her life on social networks. She seems fine prefer to live the moment in real life rather than filming it to post it . A way of doing things that seems to be working well for this young woman who is already very fulfilled with the life she leads. Moreover, it seems to take it from his mother, Estelle Lefébure who, too, tries to remain discreet.

However, it is not always simple when his father is none other than David Hallyday, the very first child of the international star, Johnny Hallyday. So, his mother also was able to make a summary of his year 2022 on video for the pleasure of his subscribers. You can also find the marriage of Ilona Smet with her husband, as well as the birth of her child. . Thus making his two famous parents, grandparents.

A good year is approaching

So, if for Ilona Smet the year 2022 seemed to be upset by many changes, 2023 seems to be off to a good start. And now that her child is starting to grow, she seems to be focusing on her career again. This to the delight of his fans . The new remaining challenge of being able to combine family life with professional life. A major challenge that we have no doubt that she will take up with a big smile.

It must be said that at the very beginning, Ilona Smet seemed to have a little trouble seeing so many changes in such a short time. But as the days go by, She's starting to find her bearings . From what Freeing up time for her as well as for her career and her family.

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