Inflation bonus: this reason why you did not receive it!

modified: 2022-09-23 22:00:02

France is facing the crisis today. The government sets up the inflation bonus in order to lighten the daily lives of the French.

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The government is trying its best to keep its promise to protect all French people during its times of crisis. To do this, several strategies have been established. Many aid systems are deployed throughout France. Once again, more than 10.8 million households will receive an inflation bonus. To find out if you are among the beneficiaries, continue reading the details of the article.

Inflation bonus: Help that comes at a good time!

Always to face the crisis, an inflation bonus will be granted to several families . The government is committed to providing the best relief to all French people. Like the distribution of the exceptional back-to-school bonus, which is worth 100 euros plus 50 euros for each dependent child. The deployment of this financial aid has already begun.

If you are among the beneficiaries, you should certainly have received your bonus. If not yet, you don't have to panic. In fact, the payment of the inflation bonus is done in a way organized . If you are already the beneficiary of another bonus such as solidarity allowances for example, your turn for the inflation bonus will be towards the end of September.

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You simply have to take into account that the value of the premium varies according to your situation. For households already receiving other exceptional allowances, the inflation bonus will be 28 euros to which an additional 14 euros is added per dependent child.

It is true that this aid came at the right time to cope with the start of the school year. Households are then partially relieved with the purchase of school supplies and the registration of children.

Government aid, who is it for?

The inflation bonus is made especially for people who have an annual income of less than or equal to 10,800 euros. Often, it is the families judged modest receive this bonus. Parents who receive the SMIC are also automatic beneficiaries of this aid.

Payment began on September 15. So if you haven't received your payment until today, it might be time to check your eligibility.

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So here is the list of beneficiaries automatically from this inflation bonus. Scholarship students, ALF recipients, beneficiaries of APL, ASS, AER, RSO, AFIS, RSA, AAH and Aspa.

If you are not on this list and you are not in receipt of another allowance either, you must wait until November.

Inflation bonus: It's not a lot, but it's already something!

The published payment date, all beneficiaries of the inflation bonus must already receive a notification from their bank to signal the receipt of the bonus. The government is doing everything to speed up the process.

The aid must be received at the earliest by its beneficiaries . Considering the amount announced, it is far from sufficient. But it's still a point of relief.

Wishing to thank the government which applies massively on the daily life of all citizens, especially low-income families. The inflation bonus is also one of the many aid schemes that the State will carry out throughout this crisis, which seems to be endless.