Info alert: the price of cigarette packs could still increase, bad news!

modified: 2022-09-24 13:10:02

Smokers fear once again the increase in the price of a pack of cigarettes. A case to follow.


Versus any expectation of smokers , the government plans to remove the ceiling on tobacco taxation. This would undoubtedly lead to a considerable increase in the price of pack of cigarettes. And even, tobacco tax will be included in the social security budget for the coming year.

The increase in the price of cigarettes for 2023, obvious!

According to the law, the price of tobacco should not be subject to increases because of the automatic rule of excise duties in relation to inflation . The price is capped at 1.8%. But in recent days, the media have started to talk about the subject. What intrigues smokers about the possible increase in cigarette prices.

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Some media have spoken of a government project related to this law. Does it seem that the government plans to change this system . This will no doubt be done before the presentation of the tax budget texts.

It remains to be hoped that the law will not be admitted into the Advice ministers. A presentation is scheduled for September 26. The uncapping will this time be at N-1 and no longer N-2. However, this will lead to a considerable increase in cigarette prices of 5 to 7.5% if we refer to this year's inflation rate.

The Ministry of Health has its say!

Who says Ministry of Health, says public health. And we know it: smoking cigarettes does not improve health at all. On the contrary, it leads to the deterioration of the latter, smokers or not. It is certainly for this reason that the Ministry of Health insists on this change of law. The 2023 Social Security budget will therefore integrate this subject.

Once the law is incorporated, the price of one cigarette pack will increase. On the current market, prices are still around 10.20 euros. This could have an increase of 70 cents. And even more for prestige brands like the Marlboros, for example.

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At this price, the package of cigarettes will surely exceed 11 euros . For roll-your-own tobacco smokers, the price will be even more raised . This could reach 15 euros, the package.

A deputy interviewed by The echoes reported that the increase will be logical . He also specified that the prices had already been increased everywhere. Cigarettes, on the other hand, kept their price. Moreover, this is still a subject of discussion within the government.

Rising cigarette prices: what do smokers think?

Smokers are not at all happy about this news . They believe that already, with the increase in prices everywhere, it was not necessary to touch the price of cigarettes. For them, this decision is taken as an injustice to their community. note that tobacco use in France causes 75,000 deaths each year . And smokers are between 18-75 years old.

However, nothing is definitive about this yet. topic . There are other options that can be explored. It might be better if we just increased, for example, the price of packages , the lowest. The government has certainly not made the decision yet. Still, that's to be expected.