Info alert: this Snapchat scam promises to blow your HP, be careful!

modified: 2022-09-26 18:39:05

For the past few months, drivers who have been fined have been fooled by scammers on Snapchat. The details !


Obviously, scammers are everywhere. It is always important to be careful. Did you know that on Snapchat, groups of people managed to fool a lot of people? The reason ? Blow up the PV, in exchange for fifty euros. Drivers who have been fined are their main target!

Snapchat: shelter from scammers!

The Snapchat app is not as widely used as Facebook or WhatsApp. But users are not at the end of their trouble. It seems that some groups of people having fun scamming people on Snapchat .

They know how to spot vulnerable people. And the latter operate mainly on the payments VPs. Drivers who have been fined will also be their prey.

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To do this, the scammers promise the payment of the fine for a small sum of money. Sometimes the asking price is far from what is asked. There is something to be tempted!

Beware ! This practice is a scam and above all, it does not even concern the police. If you're won over by the offer on Snapchat, you're not only going to lose money, but you're running even bigger. This proposal is illegal and above all, it has nothing to do with the reception of the police.

How does this scam work?

You have surely noticed that over the past few months, advertisement circulating on Snapchat. Like what, you have the possibility of skipping your PV.

In their approach, the so-called online providers would be ready to take your place. That is to say, they sacrifice themselves to be designated as the perpetrator of the offences.

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In response to this service, you simply have to pay them a small sum for the 50 euros, or even a little more. Amazed at this small sum and hoping to keep intact the points of his driving license, many people are taken in.

So where does the lucidity of the authorities come from? Initially, nothing was unmasked, until the authorities noticed the same identify repeated over 14,000 times. This is indeed a huge number. From that moment the investigations were opened and the network fell. But beware, people who have been victims of this scheme. They are currently summoned by justice for an act of slanderous denunciation and supplies of false information.

Snapchat: The risks of punishment

Already brought up by the courts, the case of scammers on Snapchat is very serious. The penalty is heavy for these criminals on social networks. They will be condemned as a minimum the sentence intended for a person using the identity theft, but Added to this is the conviction for the scam .

The victims who have already paid their due on Snapchat are all summoned for even more serious facts. They are obliged to hire a lawyer to defend their cases. They are accused for complicity in forgery and use of forgery . And without forgetting to include the main reason for their initial PV. According to the law, they risk imprisonment for three years and a fine of more than 45,000 euros .