Info alert: watch out for this Facebook scam that promises free mountain bikes from Decathlon!

modified: 2022-09-18 23:02:01

A Facebook page tries to impersonate Decathlon and promises a free mountain bike! Do not get fooled. This is a scam!


Currently, many forms of scams exist. And this, all over the world. Especially since these criminals are probably everywhere, especially on social networks. Decidedly, the platforms online have become their hunting ground! Which brings us to talk about the scam that had already done victims on Facebook for a few days now. By posting an offer that apparently promised a free mountain bike , many Internet users have unfortunately fallen into the trap. We give you more details in the following lines!

Scam: Initiation to the discovery of Phishing!

You are peacefully scrolling through your news suddenly, a breathless offer attracts all your curiosity! Apparently an online game could make an extraordinary good .

Attracted by the image that absolutely makes you dream, many fall on the panel and try to find out more. But before embarking on this kind of participation, first make sure that it is a page reliable or if is none other than one of these cybercriminals who sell scams!

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Today, phishing is more and more practice . And we meet them very often when we speak scams spotted on social networks . This is why it is always important to do your research before buying an item online.

Regarding the scam that puts the Decathlon brand in the center of doubt, the criminals took an image taken in a sign in the United States. They collect them in view of making them billboards !

This is how their phishing attempt looks like!

The page or the site encourages the target people to leave a comment below the publication. For the rest of the procedure, a Contact form must apparently be completed.

Apparently, collect the contact of the prospect is necessary so that the latter can receive the so-called gift that will 'soon' be awarded to him! But that's not all ! The page that sells this scam then asks you for participation at the expense. And when this is the case, it would be better to look elsewhere.

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If you have completed the form successfully, these cybercriminals are way ahead of you. In any case, your personal information collected may allow them steal your identity . Or even worse, to steal your money.

And yes, it is as serious as that! It also happens that the moderators of the page ask you to share the offer with your contacts. So the scam goes viral and they do more and more victims !

Scam: Arrangements have been made by the distributor!

The Decathlon brand has also been subject to this scam technique, phishing! Spotted on Facebook, a page in the name of Decathlon FANS is offered to its subscribers an online game which could make them win 670 ATVs.

And apparently these items are not 'for sale'. This is explained by the presence small scratches that affect more product quality .

And to win mountain bikes for free, just leave in the comments the color of the bicycle that you would like to have! A basic scam attempt that many amateur scammers often use.

Sure, this form of phishing did not go unnoticed by the brand in question. The distributor has also confirmed that their teams legal are already in contact with Facebook to remove these fake pages as quickly as possible !