Info alert: watch out for this new trash scam in this region!

modified: 2022-09-17 23:01:01

A new scam has recently appeared in the territory of Eure! French citizens were their first targets!


Recently, a modern scam affected several tenants in the city of Eure. The crooks hijacked the means public to achieve their evil deeds . And it seems that these criminals have carried out a new and well-designed strategy to trick their victims .

Scam: A real fact that affects most people in France!

Currently, the scam is among the facts global that affect the French population. Apart from national constraints, citizens also expressed their fears of the modern scam ! In addition, social networks have become their new playground to accomplish their tasks.

What kind of scam do they do then to fool French citizens ? In particular, scammers use public works to achieve their ends. This is a cleanliness maintenance of personal infrastructure! Indeed, the criminals entered without permission in several premises of the inhabitants of Eure .

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The dupers also carried out their quest by using the right returning as real cleaners . Among other things, their pretexts did not miss a cut! Such a beautiful approach to alleviating the fear of victims. The question arises: Why do they do this kind of work?

Namely that these scammers demanded a specific sum from their targets. And know that this is a new strategy adapted only in their own interests . Moreover, the State only realizes their actions after several testimonies from several victims.

The sad testimonies of the inhabitants of the south of Eure!

A few months ago, a cybernaut proved the existence of this new scam. south of Normandy . With very strategic scenarios, they earn 10 euros per nobody cleaning garbage bins. A rather abysmal total in A day of work !

' Mandated by the municipality ', their sub-pretexts also bore fruit! They concretized their malevolent acts on a 86 year old individual . Among other things, two masked women managed to fool this man.

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A sum equivalent to the salary of real municipal agents ! As a reminder, they took advantage of this person's situation to draw their own advantage . On the other hand, the latter directly warned the town of Eure in the face of their strange actions.

A few days after this incident, other people also wore their frustrating testimonials ! In addition, the dupers have accessed in several corners of the city. By the way, the inhabitants appealed to the public authorities to act in this situation.

Scam: What are the restrictions to stop these scammers?

The state has only one the only way to prevent this scam from spreading! Indeed, the authorities have acted well in the face of this disturbing situation. They communicated to all inhabitants of France not to give access to these criminals .

Scam alert! The Town Hall of La Neuve-Lyre proceeded to a new technique to stop their activities. In other words, their new ground has already been targeted by the government . Hence the population French must be vigilant against these impostors.