Interest 2022: how much will you receive at the end of the year with your Livret A?

modified: 2022-12-20 18:58:02

This year, the 2022 interests of the booklet A have evolved, here is a summary of how much you were able to earn thanks to this placement.

  Interest 2022: how much will you receive at the end of the year with your Livret A?

The 2022 interests of the booklet A have evolved well. In question, the inflation that has been raging in France since January. So, faced with the complexity of the French on their finances, the Banque de France has decided to give a helping hand . Indeed, if the director of the Banque de France has therefore decided to increase the yield of the livret A twice, this change had to be validated by the government. Thus, in one year, the rate of return was able to increase from 0.5 to 2% in the space of a few months . A great development which then allows the French to make their savings work better. We'll explaine everything here.

Interests 2022 have changed a lot

Indeed, this year remains particularly unusual. If after the two years of covid, we could believe that the worst seems behind us, it turns out that the economy has taken a hit. This is due to world relations which have changed enormously. And with players who have decided to withdraw from exchanges, this then leads to high inflation in France . So to help, the Banque de France has decided to increase the 2022 interest on Livret A accounts.

Indeed, at the beginning of the year, the 2022 interests of the livret A remain at an all-time low. It turns out that the latter at the beginning of the year were only 0.5%. But although the rate of return did not appear to have changed for two years already, it legally could not. It turns out that 0.5% is already the lowest floor for the latter .

But with inflation doing a lot of economic damage very quickly, the 2022 interests have finally evolved. On February 1, we saw it double, thus passing to one percent. And in August, with the law of purchasing power , they experienced a further increase, doubling them again. Thereby, august first , the rate of return on the booklet A went to 2% . Good news for the French who then use the A booklets to make their savings work. What remains very interesting, because this booklet remains the means of savings most used by the French. In all, this still remains 55 million accounts open .

A difficult average

Thus, with 2022 interests that have evolved so much, it may seem difficult to calculate in total over the year how much this booklet A can bring in in terms of rate of return. Thus, in the simplest case, you have not touched your livret A. Without withdrawal or income, especially if you have already reached the maximum ceiling of 22,950 euros. To find the overall rate of return, simply multiply your balance by the rate of return. So 0.5% in January , then 1% from February to August and finally 2% for the end of the year . On average, we then arrive at 1.375% interest in 2022 . This remains well above last year's yield by 2.75 times.

So, to know roughly what interest can bring you in 2022, here are some benchmarks. The Money Vox site therefore explains that “ 20.62 euros (against 7.50 euros in 2021) if the balance of your Livret A amounts to 1,500 euros ”, “ €79.75 (against 29 euros in 2021) if the balance of your Livret A is in the average, €5,800 end 2021 ”. And finally ' €315.56 (against 114.75 euros in 2021) if the balance of your Livret A is at the level of the payment ceiling, €22,950 ”.

2022 Interest Calculation Can Get Complex

On the other hand, it may seem difficult to calculate precisely the interests for 2022 if there has been a lot of movement on your savings account A. Indeed, whether inflows or outflows, savings accounts A generally experience movement. Especially since with the rise in the rate of return, many French people have decided to put more money on the livret A. And in terms of putting money on the livret A, the latter is experiencing one of the best increases in its history. . This is of course due to the economic context as well as the increase in the rate of return. .

But in one year, with the rise in interest in 2022, the Livret A account has seen more than 25 billion additional euros. Namely that his record was set ten years earlier with an increase of 28.16 billion euros. On the other hand, if there were cash inflows when the rates were able to increase, there were also outflows . Especially at the end of the year when expenses remain common. May this be for gifts , them holidays and especially taxes . In itself, this remains the primary role of booklet A.

On the other hand, all these movements on this savings account complicate the calculation to find the exact interest for 2022. It should also be remembered that the banks have a fortnightly rule. Thereby, if a payment is made on the 2nd of the month , the bank will only take it into account on the 16th. In the same way, if you receive money on the 20th, then it will only remain accountable on the first of the following month. So, in case of back and forth, the calculation can quickly become complex .

A result to expect

So, you can try to spend some time calculating how much and when you had movements in your account. And this, taking into account the rule of the fortnight. Otherwise, you can wait until December 31, or even January 2 at the latest . And in this way, you will directly see the amount of your 2022 interest. If you have a mobile application, it seems possible to find in real time how much the 2022 interest was able to earn you. But this does not apply to all applications.

And if the 2022 interests seem to be bearing fruit, for 2023 it should improve even further. This unless the economic situation improves. Thus, based on estimates, it is assumed that by next February , we go to a rate of return of 3.5% for the booklet A . This has yet to be confirmed.

Source : Money Vox