Intermarché: charcuterie sold throughout France massively recalled

modified: 2023-01-21 00:01:02

The Intermarché brand is forced to launch a massive recall on batches of charcuterie, throughout France.

  Intermarché: charcuterie sold throughout France massively recalled

In the heart of winter, raclette evenings are always a great success . Potatoes, hams, sausages… These meals represent a great opportunity to enjoy . However, foodies will have to be careful. Indeed, batches of charcuterie, sold from Intermarché stores, are currently subject to d’ a massive recall . In question ? Allergenic ingredients that would not be found in the composition of these products . To save you trouble, Foozine offers you a short summary on this procedure .

Intermarché: the products affected by the recall

Two items have disappeared from the store's shelves since last Wednesday. These are various deli meats, sold in plastic packaging between December 31, 2022 and January 18, 2023. Intermarché shared this information widely. Besides, the Recall Conso platform also relayed the alert. Here are the references to check, if you think you have purchased products affected by this recall:

  • 'Seasonal Plates' marketed under the Intermarché brand. These lots contain slices of country ham , rosette and sausage. They come in a 150g format. The packaging displays the GTIN code 3250391514601, and the batch number 23003016 and a expiration date set for March 14.
  • The second type of product affected by the recall of Intermarché ? Rosette packets. They come in 100 g format, and their use-by date runs until March 18 or 11, depending on the batch. The recall launched by Intermarché concerns lots 23002001 and 22360008.

What are the risks for our health?

Don't worry, it's not about a contaminated meat problem . Thus, the charcuterie recalled by Intermarché does not contain salmonella or listeria. In reality, the batches concerned by the procedure are only dangerous for people with tree nut allergies.

Indeed, these delicatessen trays contain traces of hazelnuts . But Intermarché did not indicate this ingredient on the packaging. This can mislead the consumer. Gold, in case of allergy , the consumption of these products could have serious consequences on the body.

As a precaution, Intermarché therefore preferred to withdraw these references of all these stores. The recall thus has him on the scale of the whole country. If you live with people with allergies , avoid serving this deli meat. Better get rid of it. But, if you wish, you can also get a refund. To do this, return your trays to the store where you bought them. You have up to the end of the recall, February 2, 2023 , to enjoy.

For avoid missing future reminders , make a habit of consulting the Rappel Conso site. You can even subscribe to the platform's Twitter account. You will receive an alert for each new procedure. Carrefour, Leclerc, Intermarché … Major brands, but also manufacturers, no longer hesitate to report this kind of problem. This information may be essential for your health, safety and that of those around you. Especially since certain audiences, such as children, seniors or even pregnant women, remain particularly fragile.

Source : West France