Iris Mittenaere: dress slit to the hips and bare shoulders, she ignites the Web!

modified: 2022-09-12 14:15:02

Iris Mittenaere stood out at the last event in Italy. The former beauty queen put on a feminine and daring outfit.

  Iris Mittenaere

On the occasion of the celebration of 150 years of the Shiseido brand, the former beauty queen, Iris Mittenaere, is currently at Venice . Many public figures also take advantage of this opportunity to reveal their sublime look. For the television host, her outfit has particularly attracted the attention of Internet users.

Iris Mittenaere is in Venice

Just after visiting Paris, Iris Mittenaere has already been to Venice. Indeed, this former beauty queen has a use pretty busy time lately.

This is also an opportunity for her to visit many pays in a short time. This time, it is the turn of the Italian city of love to be visited by the young woman.

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Remember that for a few days, Venice hosts the icons of the mode . Indeed, the Mostra is organized every year. An event during which public figures compete in elegance.

Note that this film festival brings together the largest number of stars came from all over the world. We detect the most divine style of the year. For Iris Mittenaere, she did not go unnoticed with her outfit daring.

A new trend for this fall 2022

Iris Mittenaere once again attracted everyone's attention during her passage to Venise. Indeed, the miss went there to attend the celebration of the 150 years of existence of the beauty house Shiseido.

During the event, she unveiled herself in a sublime dress with a slit up to the hips. An outfit that affirms her beauty and femininity.

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In order to keep her community informed of where she is, but also of her days, the television host shared, on the social networks , a video of the preparation of his evening.

So she gave her fans a taste of her outfit: a grandiose fuchsia pink dress, feathers and heeled sandals with sequins. A very elegant look that will surely become the trend of this season. As a reminder, Iris Mittenaere appeared in a magnificent low-cut dress with a flower pattern during her previous visit to Italy.

Iris Mittenaere: Still so sublime!

Thus, Iris Mittenaere attracts all eyes at the Venice Film Festival event. With a very elegant look, the young woman is certainly in the list of the most stylish of the evening.

The former beauty queen walks down the Venetian red carpet in a robe fuchsia bodycon. The slit going all the way to her hips. The outfit reveals her long legs. Indeed, the young woman is more beautiful than ever since the dress suits her perfectly.

This famous Iris Mittenaere dress can be found in a asymmetrical cut , enhanced by ostrich feathers. It is one of the models of renowned fashion designer David Koma. The price of the dress is over 3,500 euros. To complete the look, the young women opted for earrings from Mark Boucheron.